The projects identified, which are all consistent with our business areas, include:

  • growth on the natural gas distribution market. We entered this sector in October 2018 by acquiring of 51% of Pescara Distribuzione Gas, the company that manages the entire gas distribution network in the municipality of Pescara, completed in March 2019. We have also started dialogue with select operators on our reference territories, to consider other possible acquisitions or participations in future area tenders, with the aim of having Acea play a significant role in this important strategic segment.
  • development of smart energy services projects which, through the acquisition of ESCO (energy service company), which will allow us to provide innovative services for citizens, businesses and the public administration. We are in particular working on the launch of a pilot project in cogeneration/trigeneration and the development of thermal insulation.

Strategic initiatives

Gas distribution

Following the launch of meetings with selected operators in our reference territories, in March 2019 we completed the acquisition of a 51% stake in the company "Pescara Distribuzione Gas". This transaction marks the start of a process that will lead Acea to play a major role in this important strategic sector.

EBITDA when fully operational:  5-20 million Euro

Investments: 35-110 million Euro (17 million Euro for Pescara)

Smart Energy Efficiency

We are considering acquisitions of ESCOs and will be launching projects in trigeneration and the development of thermal insulation.

EBITDA when fully operational: 5-10 million Euro

Investments: 50-70 million Euro

M&A Environment

Acea is speeding up its development of plants, including through possible strategic partnerships within the scope of sector consolidation.

EBITDA when fully operative: 40-60 million Euro

Investments: 200-350 million Euro

Acquisition of customers

In order to acquire new customers, Acea is valuating opportunities in connection with market consolidation.

EBITDA when fully operational: 8-12 million Euro

Investments: 60-90 million Euro

Growth on FER

Acea intends to accelerate growth in energy from renewable sources, with a particular focus on photovoltaics. For this purpose, the group is considering teaming up with a financial partner, without corporate control.

EBITDA when fully operational: approximately 10 million Euro

Investments: approximately 70 million Euro

Water consolidation

Acea is considering the potential exploitation of water operator consolidation opportunities in the reference territories (for example, Tuscany and Umbria) la possibilità di cogliere opportunità di consolidamento degli operatori idrici nei territori di riferimento (es. Toscana, Umbria).

EBITDA when fully operational: 30-90 million Euro

Investments: 60-150 million Euro

Overall, strategic initiatives implemented during the plan time frame may contribute towards 2022 EBITDA up to a maximum total of 200 million Euro.

Diagram on the ratio between the key strategies and the EBITDA of the Acea Group