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We are committed to managing water resources in an ethical and sustainable manner, focusing on quality of service, and protecting the environment.

Acea Ato 2 and local community Acea Ato 2 and local community Acea Ato 2 and local community

Water protection projects in Rome and its province

The protection of water resources and the sustainable use of natural resources are increasingly at the heart of our strategy. We work to guarantee increasingly efficient services while generating value for the communities and the wider area in which we operate.
In 2019, we created an organisational area specifically dedicated to the protection of water resources, aimed at reducing water losses, optimising water network management and safeguarding water supply sources.

Water losses in Rome from 2018 and 2022

Water leaks in Rome

The results of the actions carried out can already evident if we observe the trend of network water losses in the  Rome Municipality over the last five years, considering an average national level of approximately 41.2% (source: Utilitalia).

Searching Water Leaks

Water losses can have different origins: we speak of administrative or apparent losses in the case of consumption that has not been invoiced (for example, due to meter measurement errors or unauthorised withdrawals), and physical or real losses attributable to actual losses along the supply and distribution network. The latter are the most relevant in terms of environmental sustainability.

To contain water losses along the network, we carry out capillary research campaigns using innovative technologies to locate them without the need to dig, allowing us to recover millions of cubic metres of water.

Sectorisation of Water Networks

Sectorisation is one of the key activities launched in 2018 to contain physical losses along the distribution network in Rome and its province. Acea Ato 2 is in fact carrying out the progressive sectorisation of all its managed water networks, which consists in dividing the network into areas that are not connected to each other and with metered inputs: distribution sector or water zones. This activity, as well as further research, makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the water network and to keep any leaks closely under control in the individual sectors.  

In 2022, 729 water distribution network sectors were created and 455 flow and pressure meters installed. In addition, approximatively 204.5 km of water network in the Rome area and province were reclaimed.

Protecting water resources: the four pillars of Acea Ato 2

Containing leaks

We identify water leaks thanks to electroacoustic equipment (noise logger system), so research can be carried out without excavating and using destructive techniques, reducing the impact on the community.

Districtualizing networks

We divide the water network of the City or Rome and its municipalities into water districts using the District Metering Area (DMA) method, which allows to optimize pressure and, thanks to regular monitoring of single parts, promptly detect any leaks or anomalies.

Protecting water sources

We take extra care of our water sources in particularly complex conditions with our plan to dismiss some of the smaller sources. We use predictive modeling to assess availability and plan a sustainable use of water.

Measuring process

We optimize meter reading with a centralized management system and remotely connected meters, to be able to assess precisely the work required to protect resources.


Checks on pipelines and aqueducts

We constantly carry out in-depth checks on aqueducts and large supply pipelines, as well as interventions in water centres to improve their management and optimise pressures in the water distribution network.
We have intensified maintenance interventions on our pipelines: during 2022 only, approximately  204 km of the water network were reclaimed.
To increase the resilience of the aqueduct system serving the City of Rome, we are working on new strategic works on the Peschiera and Marcio aqueducts and implementing innovative and sustainable technical solutions.

Acea Ato 2 for School - DifendiAMO l’acqua!

Acea Ato 2 for School is the initiative focused on sustainability and water saving education. It is dedicated to 1st and 2nd grade students in primary schools in the province of Rome, where Acea Ato 2 manages the integrated water service.

The training programme has been organized in collaboration with local administrations and schools, and evokes a journey around the world, allowing students and teachers to experience the water journey in a unique way, from the spring to the wastewater purification. Moreover, it unveils the resources, actions and technologies implemented by Acea Ato 2 to ensure the protection and quality of water as a valuable resource.

The initiative, completely free of charge for interested Municipalities, aims at creating a stronger relationship with the community Acea Ato 2 operates for, whilst promoting training and the dissemination of circular economy principles (starting with the circular use of the water resource), involving and raising awareness among young people in the conscious use and saving.

The quality of your water

The good quality of water is guaranteed by thousands of tests and controls carried out by Acea Ato 2.

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