Acea Ato 2 for the community

Acea Ato 2 manages the entire integrated water service in Rome and in other 96 Municipalities within its Province.

Projects and initiatives for local communities

We work to ensure increasingly more efficient services and generate value for the territory on which we operate.

Pipelines and aqueducts

Checks on aqueducts and large supply conduits are carried out regularly and thoroughly, and work is scheduled to improve water management and optimize pressure in the distribution network.We have increased scheduled maintenance interventions on our systems: 130 km of the network will be upgraded during 2020 alone. To increase the resilience of the aqueduct system that supplies the City of Rome, we are working on new strategic projects on the Peschiera and Marcio aqueducts, with the adoption of innovative and sustainable technical solutions.

Leak identification and districtualization

We use innovative technologies to carry out thorough checks and identify leaks on our entire water distribution network, approximately 13,000 km long. Over the last three years, this has allowed us to save 79 million cubic meters of water.
Acea Ato 2 is also progressively districtualizing its entire water distribution system. The procedure, aimed at delimiting districts or water areas to achieve a more efficient network, also includes carrying out research and keeping under control leaks in the individual districts.

We are involved in educational projects

In 2019, to raise awareness about sustainability and the importance of saving water among children, Acea Ato 2 started organizing events in collaboration with local authorities, to show young school children and their teachers how the water cycle works and how technology can be used to protect and ensure the good quality of water in Rome and its surrounding areas.
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The quality of your water

The good quality of water is guaranteed by thousands of tests and controls carried out by Acea Ato 2.

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