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Acea Ato 2 manages the entire integrated water service in Rome and in other 97 Municipalities within its Province.

Water saving projects in Rome and its province

Protecting resources and promoting a sensible use of water are central elements of our strategy. We work to ensure increasingly more efficient services and generate value for the communities and the territory in which we operate.

Since 2019, we have a unit dedicated to protecting water resources, with the aim of reducing leaks, optimizing water network management, and protecting water sources.

Water leaks in Rome between 2017 and 2020

Water leaks in Rome

The results of the work carried out can already be appreciated looking at the figures in relation to the leaks in the Municipality of Rome’s water network over the past 4 years: for the first time, in 2020 Acea Ato 2 recorded leak levels of 29.5%, compared to the national average of approximately 42%.

Detecting Water Leaks

Water losses have different causes: administrative or seeming losses refer to water consumed but not accounted for (for example, meter errors or unauthorized users); on the other hand, physical or real losses are caused by actual leaks in the water adduction and distribution network. The latter are the most relevant in terms of sustainability.

To contain the amount of water lost due to leaks in the network, we carry out extensive research using innovative technologies to identify issues without having to excavate and to allow us to recover millions of cubic meters of water.

Districtualizing Water Networks

Districtualization is one of the main activities started in 2018 to contain physical leaks in the distribution network of the City of Rome and its province. Acea Ato 2 is progressively districtualizing its entire water distribution system. The project consists in dividing the water network into separate areas that are not connected with each other, each with measured water intakes: distribution districts or water zones. This ensures a more efficient network, also thanks to detection activities, and allows to keep under control leaks in the individual districts. 

In 2020, over 1,500 km of water distribution network was districtualized, installing 320 capacity and pressure meters and upgrading 136.2 km of the water network in Rome and its surrounding areas. The objective is to cover the entire territory managed by Acea Ato 2 by 2022.

Protecting water resources: the four pillars of Acea Ato 2

Containing leaks

We identify water leaks thanks to electroacoustic equipment (noise logger system), so research can be carried out without excavating and using destructive techniques, reducing the impact on the community.

Districtualizing networks

We divide the water network of the City or Rome and its municipalities into water districts using the District Metering Area (DMA) method, which allows to optimize pressure and, thanks to regular monitoring of single parts, promptly detect any leaks or anomalies.

Protecting water sources

We take extra care of our water sources in particularly complex conditions with our plan to dismiss some of the smaller sources. We use predictive modeling to assess availability and plan a sustainable use of water.

Measuring process

We optimize meter reading with a centralized management system and remotely connected meters, to be able to assess precisely the work required to protect resources.


Checks on pipelines and aqueducts

We regularly carry out thorough checks on aqueducts and large supply conduits and schedule work to improve water management and optimize pressure in the distribution network.
We have increased scheduled maintenance interventions on our systems: during 2020 only, we upgraded 136 km of the water network.
To increase the resilience of the aqueduct system that supplies the City of Rome, we are working on new strategic projects on the Peschiera and Marcio aqueducts, with the adoption of innovative and sustainable technical solutions.

Awareness campaigns and digital services

In 2020, in response to the Covid-19 emergency, we launched a number of projects aimed at supporting our customers.

Communication campaigns were launched to promote the MyAcea customer reserved area, Web billing, and the use of remote contact channels, which help reduce travel and the impact of producing paper bills, in the spirit of circular economy.
The new digital help desk has been launched with the same objective, as it allows customers to manage all operations related to their water supply remotely, via video call with an operator.

We are actively involved in educational projects with schools

To raise awareness about sustainability and promote actions that help save water, Acea School 2020 focused on protecting water resources. Due to the Covid-19 health emergency, the initiative was held entirely online during three virtual events accessible from anywhere in Italy. The project allows students and their teachers to find out how the water cycle works and what kind of technology is used by Acea to save water.

The quality of your water

The good quality of water is guaranteed by thousands of tests and controls carried out by Acea Ato 2.

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