The DNA of Acea Innovation

Innovation for the people

For us, technology is human. It needs to be sophisticated, to carry out the most complex operations in the most efficient way. But simple and intuitive at the same time. This is our idea: to always be there to serve people. 
People at the center. A pledge that is even more important when we talk about eco-sustainability. 

Energy transition, CO2 emissions reduction, combating climate change, safeguarding the environment: the future of our community and lands is made with these building blocks. We need everyone's help to get there. We will make it with the help of innovations that are inspired by your needs and provide solutions to engage each of us in the green revolution and the building of a more sustainable development model.

The values of Acea Innovation


It is our priority. We want it to be everybody's priority, with our solutions.


The key to a future that is closer, more livable and interconnected. Our projects are based on integrated services within the perspective of the circular economy. 


We build a relationship of trust and cooperation with our stakeholders, based on transparency. Starting with proposals that are clear and easy to understand.


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