Green mobility: our formula

An innovative approach to sustainable transport

Acea Innovation has the know-how and technology to develop any green mobility project: from the installation of electric car charging stations to charging stations managing platforms and green mobility service supply, from electrification of public transport to car-sharing solutions. Each project is designed to respond to our customers needs and objectives through a 4-stage development, where each stage includes several activities. This is a unique model in the green mobility domain, where the customer is truly at the core of the project design and the outcome is a long term partnership with the provider.

4 steps to embrace green mobility

Discover the stages and activities included in Acea Innovation operations model to develop tailor-made projects in the sustainable mobility sector.

BOMTS technology for green mobility

Electric transport services, management of charging stations and so much more: with our platform, you can create any sustainable transport project.

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Charging stations


Ask us to install smart charging stations and wallbox stations in your company. Discover the best model for your electric vehicles.

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