Sustainable Mobility

Mobility as a service powered by BOMTS

Our sustainable mobility solutions are high-tech thanks to our proprietary ICT platform called BOMTS (Banking, Operation, Maintenance, Telematics); our mobility solutions are circular because they are based on a 100% green supply chain; and are profitable, thanks to a business model that rewards the customer with revenue generated by the project. 

Acea Innovation's green mobility solutions are based on a key principle: mobility as a service. We are confident about our proprietary technological expertise and extensive experience, and so we have developed a wide range of solutions exclusively tailored for the world of sustainable mobility and related services. Companies and SMEs, universities and large residential buildings, public agencies and communities can enter with us in the world of green mobility receiving a customised service and infrastructure system that offers one of the fastest time-to-market in the industry. 

For all projects, we share business plans with our clients that show their profitability over time, both in economic and environmental terms.

Thus, we do not merely install and manage charging stations for electric vehicles, but we design the entire macro-system of sustainable mobility: from ICT services, network flexibility, smart charging infrastructure, electric car-sharing, public electric transport to accessibility and user-friendly services of the entire supply chain.

The benefits of sustainable mobility for customers and the community

Long-term partnership

We work with clients throughout the project lifecycle, covering every aspect of the process.

Sustainability ambassador

An accessible model in which everyone is an active part of the sustainable mobility value chain.

Environmental protection and circularity

We contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by encouraging the use of electric vehicles and through the use of renewable energy sources to power our charging infrastructure.


Thanks to the interoperability agreement signed with more than 35 EmSP operators in Europe, Acea Innovation's electric vehicle charging infrastructure is accessible to all users, through the apps of the E-Mobility Service Providers in the accredited circuit.
Acea Innovation's CPO platform is interoperable in "direct peer-to-peer" mode with six operators on the Italian territory: Acea E-Mobility, Enel X, Umbria Energy, BeCharge and DKV.
In addition, we have an agreement with the Hubject platform enabling interoperability with major electric mobility operators globally: Elli, BeaglePlug, evway, Virta, Spirii, Shell Recharge,, EVDC NETWORK, EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG, Ladeklubben, LKS, ConnectNed, AVIA, Athlon, Edenred UTA Italy, Edenred Mobility France, Fisker Inc Europe (operated by Deftpower), Deftpower, Enerhub, chargecloud, Neogy, Enercity, Maingau Autostrom, Sparki , Bosch Charging Solutions GmbH, Sorgenia, Eneco eMobility B.V., Electromaps, ChargePoint, Cariqa, EWE Go GmbH, Repower Vendita Italia Spa, ChargePoint Austria GmbH and GP JOULE CONNECT.
We are also interoperable with the ECO Movement platform that includes Google, Apple, Tesla and Peugeot.

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