Electric Transport

Mobility as a service

Acea Innovation's electric transport solutions are based on a key principle: mobility as a service. Building on the strength of our technological know-how and experience, we were able to develop a wide range of solutions for electrical vehicles. With us, companies large and small, universities and large residential buildings, public bodies and communities can enter the world of green mobility enjoying a highly personalized service and infrastructure system, with one of the industry's fastest time-to-market. We don't just install and manage e-car charging stations, we actually design the entire microcosm of electric transport: charging network access services, electric car-sharing, electric public transport and all related supply chain services. 

Our solutions are technological, as they are based on the proprietary BOMTS platform, circular, as they are backed by a 100% green supply chain, remunerative, since their business model enables customers to take part in the income generated by the project.

BOMTS technology
One of Europe's most advanced proprietary technologies for the management of electric car charging points and the supply of green mobility services. 
Charging stations
We install and manage smart car charging points and wallboxes for electric vehicles.
Green mobility: our formula
We adopt an operating model that has no equals in the world of green mobility, establishing a long-term partnership with our customers. 

Electric transport: benefits for customers and the community

Long-term partnership

We cover the full spectrum of the electric transport process, assisting our customers throughout the project's life cycle. 

Sustainability ambassador

We use an accessible model, triggering a virtuous cycle where everyone plays an active part in spreading the values of sustainable transport.

Environmental protection and circularity

We help reduce CO2 emissions, providing incentives towards electric vehicles and using renewable energy sources to power our charging stations.


By signing an interoperability agreement with Hubject, the international electric mobility roaming operator, Acea Inoovation’s charging infrastructures for electric vehicles will be available to all authorised users through the apps of the E-Mobility Service Providers in the sector.

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