Compost making for the Carabinieri Corps

Local composters for a network of barracks

The “Salvo d’Acquisto” barracks in Rome were the starting point of the collaboration between Acea Innovation and the Carabinieri Corps, which provided SmartComp composters to produce organic compost from the treatment of biodegradable waste.  

The Corps selected Acea Innovation for the strategic partnership designed to implement innovative solutions for the management of organic waste produced in their facilities, within a circular economy perspective. "We want to provide a good example, a virtuous model of how to guarantee environmental sustainability in our everyday management. We approached Acea to develop innovative and smart-oriented projects", stated Gen. B. Antonio Jannece, Head of the IV Department of the General Command of the Carabinieri Corps. By using SmartComp, the innovative smart composter jointly developed by Acea Innovation and Università della Tuscia, large amounts of organic waste  can be treated directly on the premises, with a positive impact on the environment.  

The figures - by 2024 the project will see:

SmartComp installed
tons of organic waste treated
tons of CO2 saved
fewer trucks on the road
million fewer km of truck journeys

We installed the first industrial compost maker, but the project actually entails activating a network of local composters. The project's goal is the use of the Acea Innovation compost maker to treat the organic waste of four more Carabinieri barracks in the Rome area, maximizing the recovery of organic matters from waste segregation.  

Industrial-grade composters for the Carabinieri Corps

  • A professional composter near the barracks
  • No CO2 emissions generated by transporting biodegradable waste on the roads
  • Optimal management of waste treatment and disposal cycle
  • Service scaled to suit the large amount of organic waste produced on site


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