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Umbriadue operates in the territory of ATI 4 Umbria - Integrated territorial area (Province of Terni with the exclusion of the Municipality of San Venanzo)

Umbriadue About us Umbriadue About us About us

Umbriadue Servizi Idrici Scarl, a subsidiary of the Group, is the private operating partner of the SII scpa consortium. It manages the integrated water service in the 32 Municipalities of sub-area 4 of the AURI Umbria - Umbra Waste and Water Authority, (territory of the Province of Terni with the exclusion of the Municipality of San Venanzo), and deals with various phases of the water cycle, through sustainable management of the resource and respect for the environment.

Board of Directors 

Lorenzo Bianchi
Paola Carluccio
Board Member
Aldo Tei
Board Member

The value of sustainability

In line with internal values, the new Terni headquarters has been designed and built according to sustainability principles to offer comfortable and innovative spaces to its employees and can be used for Group events, as well as for special external initiatives such as training courses, conferences, workshops and agile work groups.

The headquarters also represents an opportunity to extend and enhance the network of companies, bodies and professionals with whom to collaborate, facilitating the sharing of information and know-how both with respect to the activities currently carried out and to related or even different sectors. The facility is equipped to safely accommodate both personnel and operating vehicles.


The company has adopted a system for receiving and managing reports of violations of the Company Code of Ethics and internal and external regulations in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 24/2023. For more information on the scope of application, reporting requirements, channels and methods of transmission, processing of personal data and measures to protect the whistleblower, please see the dedicated page.


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