A sustainability island

The pilot project in the Frascati ESA-ESRIN center

The ESA-ESRIN center of the European Space Agency hosts the innovative multidisciplinary project, that encompasses the installation and the realization of:

  • a new ICT infrastructure,
  • charging stations of electric vehicles
  • and a “SmartComp” for organic waste.

The objective of the collaboration is to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the structure and its staff by using electric mobility and organic waste treatment, with the implementation of innovative and customized management ICT services.

This project is a multidisciplinary undertaking, conceived and realized with 100% in-house expertise from Acea Innovation and Acea Infrastructure, and it places a significant emphasis on the circular economy.

The management system enables real-time monitoring of project progress and the performance of analyses based on a series of KPIs, with the objective of controlling operating costs and facilitating middle-long term strategic planning.

ESA-ESRIN and electric mobility: fourteen charging points installed for electric vehicles

Frascati ESA-ESRIN employees and collaborators can rely on fourteen charging points provided by Acea Innovation and managed through its own ICT technological platform, called BOMTS, together with ICT customized services. The charging infrastructures are 100% powered by green energy.

The numbers of the sustainability island - electric mobility

ICT management system designed and customized ad hoc
charging points for electric vehicles
> 250
recharges in one month
> 4.400 kWh
Supplied in one month
18 kWh
average per charge
~ 2.400 kg
of CO2 saved in one month

Data for April 2024

SmartComp: ESA-ESRIN key player in the waste transition

The ESA-ESRIN sustainability island has been designed in a local waste transition view thanks to the Global Service work of Acea Innovation.

SmartComp, the innovative compost bin, developed by Acea Infrastructure, can treat significant quantities of organic waste from the center's canteen, turning it into high-quality compost that can be used in fertilizing the site's green areas.

The numbers of the sustainability island - SmartComp

of organic waste treated per year
of CO2 saved in one year

The ESA-ESRIN center of the European Space Agency

Frascati ESA-ESRIN is one of the six specialized centers in the observation of the Earth of the European Space Agency. ESRIN collects, stores and distributes the satellite data to ESA partners. Moreover, it is responsible for designing and developing all ESA software for the Agency's corporate applications. It is also tasked with developing security measures for classified space programs.


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