Circular economy

About the circular economy

The circular economy is based on the reuse of waste materials that are fed into new production cycles to reduce waste and promote self-regeneration in the system, thus overcoming the linear economy mode based on production, consumption, and waste processes.
Acea supports the development of the circular economy in its waste management and treatment activities.
Acea Ambiente was among the first signatories to join the Italian Circular Economy Platform - ICESP, and actively participates in various working groups dealing with circularity issues.

The principles of the circular economy

The circular economy model is based on three basic principles:

  • Sustainable design: Products, at an early stage, are designed with the aim of being reused and recycled.
  • Life cycle extension: Aims to extend the life cycle of the product by reducing the need for replacement or repair and thus the amount of generated waste.
  • Ecosystem regeneration: Nutrients are returned to the soil to maintain the balance of ecosystems.

These principles guide the circular economy, moving beyond the linear approach and promoting a more sustainable and responsible economic and production system.

The actors of the circular economy: companies and citizens

The circular economy involves both companies and citizens. The fundamental goal is waste recovery and reduction. The use of increasingly sustainable production processes and raw materials by companies, combined with the promotion of a culture of reusing and recycling objects are the driving force behind the circular economy. Virtuous collaboration between companies and citizens is essential to achieving Goals 11 and 12 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for enhancing sustainable cities and communities and responsible production and consumption.

Circular economy: The role of Acea

Acea selects and transforms waste and scraps into new materials through increasingly innovative processes that also protect the territories in which it operates by carefully addressing the issue of resource conservation.


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