Projects and experimentation

The Acea Group is open to the outside world and works together with universities, research centers, technological partners, and startups to consolidate its innovation network, fostering cross-contamination and idea exchange. Our ongoing contact with the main innovation hubs enables us to supplement our innovation pipeline, identifying potential partners and innovative solutions capable of satisfying the Groups’ needs.
From these partnerships, new projects and experiments are born.

Safety check 

Acea Elabori, in collaboration with the Beamdigital start-up, has implemented this project on innovation and safety in construction sites. Through an NB-IoT connectivity system (communication system for a wide range of connected devices) it is possible to create a connected construction site and carry out remote checks of the safety conditions of the people working there.


Acea and the Blue Tensor start-up have developed a solution which, through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision algorithms applied to the images of secondary electrical stations, identifies and catalogues the components of said stations, in order to qualify non-digitized data (e.g. low circuit breakers voltage). The objective is saving time compared to manual classification. This project aims to support Areti, a company of the group that deals with electricity distribution, in the digitization of processes.


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