Acea's mission and role

People for sustainable infrastructure: our company serves our citizens and the community, with a strong vocation for infrastructure. Every day, we work to ensure the wellbeing of the communities where we operate and to fulfil the primary needs of our customers/residents.


Our main objective is to develop and manage safe and sustainable infrastructures and, via our people, to ensure essential resource access and circularity for residents, businesses and the local community. We pursue constantly higher quality also thanks to major investments in technological innovation. Our commitment to initiatives aimed at combatting and adapting to climate change continues, in keeping with the energy transition path undertaken. We invest in the circular economy, the sustainable development of our territorial areas of operation and the creation of a fully inclusive work environment.

The new Business Plan: Green Diligent Growth

The objective of the new Acea 2024-2028 “Green Diligent Growth” Business Plan, presented in March 2024, is to pursue the Group’s expansion, focusing on three regulated businesses, water, electricity and environment.
The investment programme, intended to fund a number of projects in the core regulated business, is in fact aimed at constantly enhancing the sustainability and resilience of our infrastructure, thus helping to accelerate our country’s development.

The Business Plan is based on three enablers:

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The application of principles pertaining to the new People and Participation Charter, the introduction of new competencies, training, professional development, in addition to enhancing corporate welfare.


The use of new technologies (digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, robotics) also to support service quality and security. Moreover, industrial, financial and technological partnerships are envisaged, in order to accelerate the growth of regulated businesses.


The redesigning of processes so as to optimise operational management and service quality, review of purchasing, the optimisation of working capital and enhancement of the governance model.

Investments totalling €7.6 billion to sustain the country’s infrastructure development

Sustainable development of the community and the people

Acea’s industrial vocation passes through sustainability, a value we view as fundamental. In fact, sustainable development is a characterising and structural element that guides the Group’s business decisions and operational management. In keeping with the new Business Plan, ESG criteria are an integral part of our business decisions, alongside the contribution and professional skills of our people.
Our people represent one of the enablers of the new Plan. Strategic training and professional development programmes are scheduled, associated with the new digital technologies and the enhancement of corporate welfare. In fact, we are also committed to social sustainability for the wellbeing of our people. We are working on a daily basis to create a healthy and inclusive environment, where individuals can each feel an active part and offer their own contribution.

Our role as an infrastructure operator, with leadership positions in the water, electricity and environment regulated sectors, reinforces our sense of responsibility towards this territory. We provide a material contribution to the achievement of objectives associated with the energy transition, thanks to development projects within the framework of the circular economy and from a smart city perspective, via improved resilience of electricity and water infrastructure digitalisation, increased generation of energy from renewable sources, attention to the protection of water resources and technological innovation applied to infrastructure management.

Our strategy for each sector:


Water: focal point for Acea’s strategy

We intend to consolidate our leadership position in a segment that is fundamental to the country’s industrial development, also via the implementation of major strategic works at national level, such as the doubling of the Peschiera Aqueduct, aimed at securing Rome's water supply.

Electricity: grid management and innovative services for customers

We promote the energy transition through the electrification of consumptions and large network services, with a view to ensuring our distribution grid’s resilience and enhancing service quality.

Environment: throughout the entire waste treatment sector

From a circular economy perspective, we intend to further consolidate our presence in the waste recovery sector, positioning ourselves as a major operator in waste-to-energy, waste recycling, recovery and recycling of materials such as plastic, paper, metals and in the production of high-quality compost.

Engineering: engineering centre of excellence

We are forerunners in the design, construction and management of energy and water infrastructures. Our objective is to create a single hub for the management of major projects

Production: focus on renewable sources

We plan to increase our energy production using renewable sources, with particular regard to the photovoltaic sector, expanding our portfolio also through partnerships with financial operators.

Our geographical presence

With more than 10,000 professionals, Acea conducts its activities in a number of different Italian regions.
Data as at 2023

Sustainability leader to combat climate change

In a global situation of constantly greater attention to environmental and social impacts, the Group’s growth is accompanied by a constant commitment to fighting and adapting to climate change and promoting the energy transition, according to a systemic approach to the circular economy and the pursuance of sustainable business objectives.
Acea’s inclusion among the 240 most sustainable Italian companies, divided by size of turnover, has in fact been confirmed by the research study performed by Il Sole24Ore and Statista. In addition to this recognition, Acea obtained from Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), an international network that promotes best practices for scientifically defining decarbonisation targets, validation of its objectives for the reduction of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, by 2032, with respect to the base year of 2020.

Solidity, innovation, growth potential, sustainability, operational excellence, customer focus and concrete results: these are the values that characterise our daily work.


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