Acea's mission and role

Our company serves our citizens and the community. Every day, we work to ensure the wellbeing of those living in the communities in which we operate. We take targeted actions to fulfil the primary needs of our customers/residents.


Our main objective is to improve the life of residents by providing primary services. We aim to constantly enhance quality, an efficient management of our infrastructures and major investments in technological innovation.

We are an industrial company,  that invests in innovation. Innovation at Acea is not just about new technologies applied to the infrastructures. It also means new ways of dealing with people and customers. Innovation acts as a lever for the transversal development of all the Group's operations. The Group’s industrial vocation also extends to respect for the environment, a principle we apply in each of our business activities.

Our 2019-2022 Business Plan provides for an increase in our infrastructural investments with close attention to the communities in which we operate, technological innovation and operating efficiency. The Plan was drawn up and approved together with our Sustainability Plan, as tangible proof of two processes which had once been separate, but which now follow a common path and logic. The objectives of the two Plans are fully consistent and promote a vision of industrial development that includes aspects of sustainability and stakeholder expectations.

mln €
for investments in innovation included in the plan
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for water sector investments in the Plan
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for energy infrastructure investments included in the Plan

We are a sustainable business. Our business operations encourage sustainable development of the community, which is why we consider sustainability an essential value. We are committed to providing a top quality service for citizens, by training and developing the skills of our staff, by promoting a culture of occupational safety, by pursuing the circular economy and an efficient use of resources and via innovation at the service of our business.

Solidity, innovation, growth potential, sustainability, operational excellence customer focus and concrete results: these are the values, that make us stand out in our daily work.

Looking to the future

A future of growth awaits us. Our position as a benchmark multi-utility company for central and southern Italy increases our sense of responsibility towards this area, in which we are aiming to invest for sustainable growth. We intend to grow in our main businesses, such as water services, the environment with particular regard to the circular economy, smart grids and energy. The acquisition of Pescara Distribuzione Gas and the agreement reached for the acquisition of Alto Sangro Distribuzione Gas mark the intention to take on an increasingly more important role in the gas distribution strategic sector.

Our geographical presence


Our Business Plan is based on four strategic pillars:

  1. Industrial growth: we intend to strengthen both our water and our electricity infrastructures and make them progressively more resilient and innovative with an increasingly customer-oriented approach
  2.  Care for the local community: we intend to rise to the challenges in our sector, for example by reducing water leaks, encouraging decarbonisation and promoting circular economy (recovery of energy and raw materials), by using an increasingly sustainable approach based on dialogue with the local community
  3.  Technological innovation: we intend to improve the efficiency of our processes and infrastructure resilience via technological innovations, from a  "Smart Grid" and "Smart City" perspective
  4. Operational efficienty: we intend to improve our performance by managing costs and investments that will allow us to support our growth.

We aim to focus with increasingly greater emphasis on five specific actions:

  •  Accelerate growth (Grow)
  •  Develop and diversify our business portfolio (Reshape)
  •  Focus on innovating our industrial processes (Innovate)
  •  Focus on result (Deliver) and on a dynamic, sustainable Approach (Smart)

These factors, which form the acronym GRIDS, represent a development of the path along which we started two years ago.