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Acea's engineering activities

During over one hundred years of history, we have developed and accumulated state-of-the-art know-how in the design, construction and management of energy and water infrastructures. 

Acea Elabori

Acea Elabori is the company part of the Acea Gruppo that provides technical services to ensure the correct operation of every business.It focuses in particular on engineering, Engineering Procurement Costruction (EPC), and analytical laboratory services, research and specialist consultancy services in the water cycle, waste recycling and energy sectors.
Thanks to the work carried out directly with its operators, Acea Elabori is able to intercept practical, day-to-day needs and develop ad hoc solutions. Its versatility enables it to be the driving force behind innovation for the companies within the Group.

Acea Elabori, with its highly specialised staff and high-tech equipment, ensures the performance of different technical-managerial activities:

  • planning and implementation for the integrated water service, electricity service, waste treatment and valorization and hydroelectric and thermoelectric production
  • integrated planning (architectural, structural and plant engineering), through Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • project validation assessment, pursuant to Art.26 of Legislative Decree no. 50/16 as amended
  • technical monitoring services
  • drinking water and waste water testing
  • protection and optimization of water resources
  • research and development of experimental projects, involving Universities and startups, in order to share innovative ideas and apply them to real cases together with the Group's Companies
  • implementing and managing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect, analyze, monitor and validate information on events and phenomena occurring on the surface of the Earth
  • detecting natural and man-made anomalies using Remote Sensing for the analysis of high definition satellite images and the development of hydrogeological and hydrological models of surface water and groundwater bodies with the aim of protecting hydric resources
  • engineering services, such as monitoring activities (drone, laser scanner, ground penetrating radar, terrestrial interferometry, etc.) 
  • engineering services, for example surveying and mapping water, sewage and treatment plants in order to construct a plant diagram, creating measurement districts for the distribution network to monitor water flow and pressure and reconstruct the layout of the water and sewage network
  • non-traditional engineering, to support the daily work of our water operators, for example leak detection using a mix of traditional and innovative investigation techniques
  • specific engineering, focusing specifically on providing services linked to worksite safety

Importantly, Elabori also provides one of the main analytical laboratory services at a national level, in terms of both equipment and methodologies used. The laboratory hosts more than 500 pieces of high-tech equipment and carries out analyses of drinking water, wastewater, and environmental compartments on a daily basis. The company also has a mobile laboratory, available 24/7, 365 days a year, to guaranty high-quality analysis and environment monitoring services and deal with emergencies in the areas of interest.

Acea Elabori is pursuing various projects, including:

  • in collaboration with Acea Innovation ENEA and the Tuscia University, the Acea Smart Comp project, proposing a new zero kilometre organic waste management model, from large-scale users to widespread waste management, according to Waste Transition logics;
  • the LabSharing platform, in collaboration with Acea’s Innovation Division and the Company’s Laboratory, conceived with a view to extending also to third parties (entities, universities, research bodies) potential access to Acea’s excellence structures and scientific support, in the area of highly complex environmental testing, with the final objective of becoming a collector of research projects;
  • the development of a Sars-Cov2 research protocol using the wastewater matrix;
  • in collaboration with ENEA, research concerning the microplastics in water;
  • the development of low-cost smart sensors for community composting.

Acea Elabori certifications and accreditations

Acea Elabori adopts an integrated Management System and operates through accredited bodies, based on well-defined policies, drawn up in accordance with national and international reference standards:

  • Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System, certified compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards
  • Management System for Infection Control and Prevention, certified compliant with the Biosafety Trust Certification (RINA) standard
  • BIM Integrated Design Management System, certified compliant with the UNI PdR 74:2019 standard. Therefore, Acea is the first Italian multi-utility to be certified in this field
  • The Project Assessment Unit of Acea Elabori carries out verification activities to validate projects and perform technical monitoring during the implementation, as a Type C Inspection Body accredited under the international standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012
  • The Analytical Laboratory of Acea Elabori, one of the most important laboratories at national level for equipment and testing methods, is accredited under the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Finally, Acea Elabori is qualified for the implementation of public works in compliance with DPR 207/2010.

In particular, Acea Elabori has expanded its design activities, obtaining in 2021 BIM (Building Information Modeling) Certification, a digital methodology that allows the acquisition and management in an integrated manner of all planning information pertaining to the work cycle phases, generating economic, timing and environmental efficiencies, and explores increasingly more advanced areas in the field of research and technological innovation and in the sector of laboratory monitoring, with an approach that valorises partnerships and the sharing of knowledge.


The Company’s main activity is the construction and renovation of facilities instrumental to the Integrated Water Service, in particular drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as providing planning and engineering services ancillary to constructing facilities.
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Ingegnerie Toscane

Mainly involved in designing and developing projects aimed at building facilities, planning, managing work and coordinating security. Additionally, it provides advanced engineering services, carried out in close collaboration with companies involved in water services.
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SIMAM (Environmental and Industrial Management Services), a leading company in the engineering, construction and management of water and waste treatment facilities, and in environmental interventions and remediation, with high-tech services. By acquiring Simam, we are strengthening our infrastructure building capabilities and ensuring efficiency and flexibility in the operational
management of industrial activities, with particular reference to the circular economy.
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