With its Code of Ethics, Acea intends to affirm and share the values of business culture, for which its compliance with the legitimate interest and needs of all individual or collective protagonists involved in company practices is essential. 

The Code:

  •  sets out the general ethical principles which all company practices must follow
  •  specifies the criteria of conduct towards each category of stakeholder
  • identifies the mechanisms to implement the principles and control the conduct of people working in the interest of the company

In 2018, company departments, assisted by external experts, jointly updated the contents of the Code to combine the company’s basic values with the needs determined by the Group’s new strategic objectives and by the dynamics of the external context. The newly introduced or reinforced aspects included:

  • A Code update to which all stakeholders will be able to actively contribute to report shortcomings or points of improvement
  • The prevention of and fight against corruption by adopting a management system according to the standard UNI ISO 37001 “Anti-Bribery Management Systems” and specific checks
  • The valorisation of diversity and the promotion of surveys to monitor organisational wellbeing
  • The introduction of the principal of precaution in the event of even potential health and environmental hazards
  • A commitment to manage production processes by exploiting the circular economy

Acea promises to promote the diffusion and knowledge of the Code of Ethics and to comply and enforce compliance with the general principles and criteria of conduct it contains.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics is, in fact, of fundamental importance in order to achieve the objectives of development and efficiency and business reliability, to safeguard our reputation and to implement the positive contributions Acea intends to make in the social and environmental context in which it operates, depending on those areas of business, which have a significant, direct impact on the natural and social environment.

Acea supervises compliance with the Code via its Ethics and Sustainability Committee, and prepares adequate, prevention and control instruments to ensure continually improving, transparent business activities and conduct are in place.


Acea operates a reporting system, which can be used by employees and external individuals not only for any breaches of law, of internal rules and the Code of Ethics, but also for any topics concerning the Internal Control System, company reports, the company's administrative responsibility (Legislative Decree No. 231/01), and fraud and conflicts of interest, in order to implement the principles envisaged not only by the SCIGR Guidelines and Model 231, but also by the Code of Ethics (so-called "Whistleblowing System").

Code recipients are obliged to follow the set procedures to report any potential breaches they are aware of.

Acea has prepared a specific procedure to receive, analyse and process reports of presumed breaches of the rules of conduct, established by the Code of Ethics. This procedure ensures maximum confidentiality and privacy when processing the communications received in order to protect those voicing their concerns and those responsible.

The Internal Audit Function is responsible for receiving, recording and ascertaining the existence of any breach.
Reports can be sent to the e-mail addresssegnalazioni@aceaspa.it

Please note that any reports, which are not relevant to any breach of laws, internal rules and the Code of Ethics will not be taken into any consideration.

Warning for Acea Group customers

Any reports referring to cases of a technical/commercial nature (e.g. commercial services, contract management, claims. invoicing, meter readings, transfers, lack of water or power, breakdown reports, etc.) shall be sent to the competent structures of the various Group Companies via MyAcea, the reserved area dedicated to Acea Group customers and/or via the contacts listed in the section Contacts and Assistance.