Our impact on the community

We are committed to transforming these impacts into opportunities for our Group and our stakeholders to develop.

Energy produced from renewable sources
3.470 t
thanks to our streamlining of the electricity network
Water houses
million litres distributed
of plastic/year saved and 680 t of CO2 not released into the atmosphere
kNm3 of biogas giving
of energy

Data as at 31 December 2018

Our business has a very strong environmental impact, which is why we focus mainly on three areas:

  • we fight against climate change, to reduce the levels of climate changing emissions (especially CO2) within our Group and along our supply chain;
  • we protect the local community and contain our impact on the natural environment, by ensuring our company activity preserves biodiversity and natural habitats, and especially water;
  • we encourage efficient use of resources, by promoting models of circular economy.

To ensure the best possible management and monitoring of all the processes which could generate a negative environmental impact, we have decided to encourage all the Companies in the Group to use integrated Management systems, certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 standards and to register waste-to-energy plants under the EMAS scheme.  With each cycle the systems set new goals of efficiency in environmental and energy management, monitored via performance indicators capable of identifying any signs of anomalies at an early stage and of allowing us to implement prompt corrective actions, thus reducing costs and risks.