Acea Innovation Garage

Acea Innovation Garage’s objective is to encourage Acea Group’s digital innovation and growth process by finding and exploiting new business opportunities, launching new products and implementing new services by collecting employees’ ideas and supporting their entrepreneurial spirit.

The program is all about developing innovative projects planned and implemented on the basis of real challenges from industrial areas.

To participate in the program, employees can put forward innovative ideas or make their skills available to colleagues who have presented an idea. The best ideas go into a three-month incubation phase in which teams develop their business projects and come up with a functioning prototype. Within this timeframe they work on projects at the Rome Talent Garden with the support of coaches and technical mentors. 

The project, launched on 5 July 2021, during the Innovation Day, aims at supporting the Group in achieving its innovation objectives through the enhancement of internal know-how.

The challenges issued for this second edition are 6:

  1. Smart Innovation & Humans
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Supply Chain Management
  4. Smart Water
  5. Smart Grids
  6. Circular Economy

Results of second edition

Ideas submitted to the Call for ideas
Pitch Day participants
Projects selected for the incubation and pretotype implementation phase


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