Water Bonus discount

Since 2018, customers in economic difficulty and anyone with a basic income and pension (who will be able to submit their applications next 1 February), is entitled to the Social Water Bonus. The price reduction will apply not just to water consumption (as the law provided up till now) but also to the cost of the sewage and water treatment services. can apply for the Social Water Bonus.

This is a bonus provided and governed by ARERA (the Authority for the Regulation of Energy, Networks and Environment), through deliberation 227/2018/R/idr.

From 01.01.2020 (Law 157/2019), all direct and indirect users of the aqueduct, sewage system and water treatment service who find themselves in economic difficulty have a right to the bonus when:

  • their ISEE indicator is equal or below €8.256;
  • their ISEE indicator is equal or below €20,000, if they have at least 4 dependent children.

To read the terms and conditions of eligibility for the bonus, the application procedures, the documentation to send and for all other details, go to the Authority’s website on the page water bonus.


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