Energy saving and renewable energies for residential buildings

We turn your apartment block into a green building

Acea Innovation is your well-qualified partner for a range of renovations that not only improve the building's energy performance assessment, but also increase the financial value of the property. Forms of exterior insulation like thermal coating can improve energy consumption and lead to significant savings on your energy bills. Furthermore, our know-how includes the ability to install a photovoltaic system for the entire building: clean energy to improve consumption and environmental sustainability. 

Energy efficient improvements for residential buildings

Thermal Coat

Thermal insulation of the building external envelope is one of the two qualifying criteria for the current ecobonus incentive. This work has several benefits. Among the key benefits, improvement on energy savings and therefore saving on energy bills. The building's energy upgrading increases its economic value.   

Installing pv panels and accumulators for residential buildings

Installing an integrated solar pv system with accumulators for your apartment block increases available energy for the shared areas in your building. While solar panels produce clean energy, the building's solar pv system's accumulators store the energy and release it when needed, even at night.  


Central Heating

Substituting the building's old central heating system with an innovative one improves its heating performance as well as the individual apartments' micro climate. In these cases, greater efficiency means lower CO2 emissions and significant benefits in terms of environmental impact. Last but not least, it brings financial benefits: the new system is safer, has lower maintenance needs and lower costs. It is one of the qualifying renovation works for the 110% Ecobonus. 

Monitoring anti-seismic stability

We provide anti-seismic monitoring systems that assess any anomalous movement in the building structure and analyze its causes. This increases building safety while allowing the planning of preventive maintenance. Anti-seismic stability monitoring systems can also be financed via the 110% Ecobonus. 

Sisma Bonus works

We provide renovation works to improve the safety of buildings, ensure compliance with rules and the safety of its residents. These works are recommended for all buildings, including private properties, that are located in seismic or geologic-risk areas. They ensure that the building structure can absorb seismic activity maintaining the building's functions and original features.

Superbonus 110%: energy improvement for buildings at no cost

With Acea Innovation, you can provide energy upgrading for your residential building under the tax deduction provisions of the Superbonus 110% eco-incentive. We will work with you through the application process and provide all required documentation.  

How does the bonus 110% work? This incentive applies to selected 'leading' renovation work: "coating" work for the thermal insulation of the building's outer shell and substituting the building's central heating system. Qualifying renovations under the Superbonus 110% incentive scheme include also works to improve energy efficiency and install pv solar panels as long as they are carried out alongside one of the 'leading' measures: the critical requirement is the achievement of an improved epc rating by at least two classes as a result of the renovation works.  

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