Composting as a Global Service

Carefree local composting: our all-inclusive formula

Acea Innovation promotes all forms of home composting, offering a leasing service for non-residential users who produce large amounts of organic waste at source: marketplaces, shopping malls, airports, small communities, agencies and companies with a canteen service.  

With our formula, you can manage the treatment of organic waste automatically at your premises, with assistance before and after installation. 

You lease a fully accessorized SmartComp composter. The package includes installation and set-up assistance and a set of value-added services: waste diagnostic and analysis, plant customization, and even web tools to monitor the organic waste transformation process.

Services included in the SmartComp compost maker leasing package.


Acea Innovation takes care of the initial set-up and operation of the compost maker.

Remote monitoring

Smart sensors enable remote monitoring of the activity inside the machine and its functioning.

Assistance and maintenance

Acea Innovation covers all maintenance and repair with its specialist staff.

Training and communication

Customers' staff training is also included in the compost maker leasing, as well as the communication material for taking part in the waste transition.

Administrative and legal support

We supports customers in license applications and the study of the rules affecting home composting.

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