LUISS Green Mobility

Electric transport, innovative technology and circular economy in one single project

LUISS Guido Carli University is an established partner of Acea Innovation thanks to the implementation of a highly innovative project for the sustainable mobility of the university ecosystem (students, teachers, staff, guests). 

LUISS users travel sustainably with the LUISS Green Mobillity electric transportation service, developed by Acea Innovation. The LUISS app, which integrates Acea Innovation's services delivered through its proprietary ICT BOMTS platform, allows users to

  • book and use the electric car sharing service using the charging stations;
  • book their dedicated seat inside the electric shuttle departing at the chosen time and board by endorsing the automatically generated QR code.

The LUISS Green Mobility Project uses charging infrastructure located in 5 areas and powered by the energy from Acea Energia's certified renewable sources.

Key numbers of the electric car sharing service, with 12 full electric vehicles (7 smart fortwo and 5 smart forfour)

2017-2020 2021 2022 2023
Number of users enrolled in the service 2,099 323 428 605
Number of rentals 10,308 162 701 1,699
Number of kilometers done 96,939 3,711 12,946 36,177
Quantity CO2 saved (kg) 10,489 401 1,255 3,507

Key numbers of the Electric Luiss Link service consisting of 5 shuttles (3 CNG and 2 full electric)

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Fumber utilizing users 121,097 80,255 112,794 192,504 214,795
Number of rides 112,746 20,386 27,934 30,516 29,453
Number of kilometers done 27,412 37,892 65,956 67,156 63,493
Quantity CO2 saved (kg) 1,370 2,772 5,540 5,641 5,333

A cutting-edge, tailor-made, comprehensive sustainable mobility solution that, besides the implementation of ICT technology infrastructure, incorporated the installation of electric vehicle recharging stations, powered by 100% green energy generated from renewable sources, the provision and management of electric vehicles, help desk services and a control room for constant monitoring of the service.

Electric shuttle service (Electric Luiss Link - ELL)

Operated in collaboration with Cilia Italia, RATP Group

  • Customized ICT system
  • Access to services via LUISS APP
  • Shuttle and seat reservation with QR code issuance to be presented and validated on board vehicle
  • Real-time monitoring of actual arrival times and cars itinerary 
  • 100% energy from renewable sources
  • Dedicated portal for strategy, accounting and reporting

Point-to-point car sharing service (LUISS premises)

  • Customized ICT system
  • Access to services via LUISS APP
  • Real-time booking of cars and charging stations
  • Helpdesk services 
  • 100% energy from renewable sources
  • Dedicated portal for strategy, accounting and reporting


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