Meter replacement plan

The plan consists in replacing the existing meters with digital models that allow more precise and efficient readings.

Here you will find some useful information about the installation of the new meters.

1. The replacement of the old meter with a new model is free of charge

2. Work is carried out by the following companies authorized and appointed by Acea Ato 5:

  • Enerservices Gas Srl
  • Società Cooperativa TESEO

3. You will be notified of the date and time slot during which your new meter will be installed

4. If your water meter is inside your property, we will contact you to arrange an appointment, to allow you to be present during the work. Make sure your contact details on MyAcea Acqua are correct.

5. If the replaced meter does not have an Acea Ato 5 reference number, it will be left on site available to the customer.

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