About us

Over the past few years, the Company has continuously carried out extraordinary maintenance inventions on its networks and plants. Gesesa manages the integrated water service for Benevento and 22 municipalities in the province, serving approximately 110.000 residents and 57.404 users. 

Gesesa has undergone a series of major transformations associated with both the creation of new infrastructures and the type of service offered to customers. Today, thanks to its new technologies, its avant-garde business organisation and the use of mobile devices as essential work tool, the Company has become an entrepreneurial pilot model in many sectors of its organisation. The integrated, operational procedures together with the Group's new vision make the company a point of reference that goes far beyond its territorial area of operation.

The innovation of systems and work processes has led to a profound cultural change, based entirely on customer centrality point to offer new, more efficient, digital services.

Board of Directors

Domenico Russo
Salvatore Rubbo
Chief Executive Officer
Maria Grazia Costa
Vittorio Cuciniello
Amina Ingaldi
Oberdan Picucci
Patrizia Vasta

Head office: Gesesa SpA C. Garibaldi, 8 - 82100 Benevento


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