With Decision 227/2018/R/idr, ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment) has defined the procedures for application of the social water bonus discount for resident domestic users suffering from social and financial hardship.

The provision regulates the information flows, exchanging of data and operating procedures for the provision of the social water bonus discount, as well as the information and communication obligations imposed on those involved in the mechanism so as to allow, starting from 1 July 2018, the granting of the subsidy to users who request it from their own Municipality.

All users who are residents in Ato 5 with an Equivalent Financial Situation Index (ISEE) of less than €8.107,50 can obtain the Bonus. This limit increases to €20,000 for those who have more than 3 fiscally dependent children.

The holders of a Carta Acquisti or a Carta REI can automatically take advantage of the Water Bonus, similarly to what is provided for regarding the electricity and gas bonus by Legislative Decree 147/2017, which introduced the REI (Inclusion Income).

The application must be submitted to your Municipality of residence, or to the CAF (another body appointed by the Municipality), together with the application for the electricity and/or gas bonus and, when accepted, it will allow you to benefit from a discount on your bill equal to the cost of 18,25 cubic meters per year, equivalent to 50 liters per day for each family member.

The discount will be applied directly to the bill for those who have a direct contract, whereas indirect users, i.e. families who live in a condominium and do not have their own water supply contract, will receive the bonus in a single payment from Acea Ato 5, according to procedures that will be made known.

Here you can download the forms for submitting your application