Water bonus

Acea Ato 5 customers in social and economic difficulties can receive a discount in their water bill thanks to the Social Water Bonus.

Acea Ato 5 water bonus discount for Frosinone Acea Ato 5 water bonus discount for Frosinone Acea Ato 5 water bonus discount for Frosinone

Water Bonus

The Water Bonus is envisaged and regulated by ARERA (the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment) through Resolution no. 63/2021/R/com and subsequent amendments and additions.

As of 1st January 2021, all social bonuses are automatically granted to eligible citizens/households in economic hardship. Starting in 2021, the only thing citizens/households will have to do every year is to submit their Single Self-Declaration (DSU) to obtain the ISEE certification required to have access to different welfare benefits.

How and when to receive the water social bonus

ARERA announced that the process for the granting of the social water bonus required more in-depth investigations and fulfilments, especially related to compliance with privacy regulations. Lastly, Resolution no. 13/2023/R/com updated the ISEE threshold values for access to the water social bonus for economic hardship and the eligible classes, effective from 1 January 2023.
The list of users to be considered in conditions of economic hardship is divided into the following new eligible classes:

a) DSUs of households with ISEE ≤ 9,530;
b) DSUs of households with 9,530 - < ISEE ≤ 20,000 with 4 (or more) children;
c) DSUs of households with ISEE > 9,530 and receiving citizen’s income (Rdc/Pdc) with less than 4 children;

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