The quality of your water

The water in your home has been analysed and tested numerous times.

The quality of Rome’s water according to Acea Ato 2 The quality of Rome’s water according to Acea Ato 2 The quality of Rome’s water according to Acea Ato 2

Here you can consult the updated data to learn about the organoleptic, chemical and physical characteristics of the water in your area, according to the parameters set by the Legislative Decree of 23 February 2023, no. 18, in force since 21 March 2023, in line with the provisions of the European Directive.

To use the water quality map, look for your address, click on the highlighted area and download the pdf file containing the data.

The water quality map

The implementation of Water Safety Plans (WSPs)

Since 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) has proposed an approach to the protection of drinking water based on the Water Safety Plan (WSP): a management and control model extended to the entire drinking water supply chain.

This approach was introduced in Europe by Directive 2015/1787 and in Italy by the Decree of Ministry of Health of 14 June 2017.

With the implementation of the new Directive 2020/2184, which took place last January 2023, the implementation of the WSPs for the supply systems will be mandatory, and must be carried out for the first time by 12 July 2029, with subsequent reviews at periodic intervals.

Given the complexity and extent of the entire water scheme, where all the Aqueducts converge towards a unitary and interconnected sorting system to the water networks, starting in 2019 Acea Ato 2 has as a priority decided to analyse the main aqueduct systems of ATO2 and subsequently the municipal distribution networks.

June 2022 saw the completion and submission to the Ministry of Health of the WSPs of the Peschiera-Capore, Appio Alessandrino, Simbrivio, Marcio, Laurentino, Nuovo Vergine and Doganella aqueduct systems, covering approximately 90% of the users served by the water service.

In order to complete the assessment for the entire drinking water supply chain, as indicated in the WHO guidelines, during 2022 Acea Ato 2 continued the implementation of the WSPs for distribution networks and small supply sources with the municipalities of Albano Laziale, Marcellina and Manziana.


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