The quality of your water

We guarantee high quality standards of the drinking water distributed thanks to the numerous and constant analytical controls carried out along the entire supply chain 

The quality of Rome’s water according to Acea Ato 2 The quality of Rome’s water according to Acea Ato 2 The quality of Rome’s water according to Acea Ato 2

Our analyses of Rome's water

The qualitative characteristics of the resource captured and distributed are monitored through continuous investigations, carried out with instruments located along the aqueducts and through daily sample collections along the entire drinking water supply chain from collection to consumption.

Sustainable and safe, Rome's water respects the parameters established by current regulations.

To guarantee the safety of drinking water along the entire integrated water cycle chain, the Acea Group is carrying out the implementation of Water Safety Plans (PSA) or Water Safety Plan (WSP) for all water systems in implementation of the European Union Directive 2015/1787, which has adopted the methodology of WSP developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Water quality map

To find out how good Rome's water is, look for your address on the water quality map below, click on the pin of the highlighted area and download the pdf with the average values relating to checks carried out in the last 12 months prior to the month indicated on the form.

We value and protect water resources


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