What data can you change?

With MyAcea, you can change the following in real time:

  • your personal contact details (e-mail address, landline, mobile telephone, certified e-mail address and fax number and details of your registered form of ID);
  • the billing address.

If you instead realise that there are any mistakes or anomalies in the following data, contact your water company to have it changed:

  • Tax code/VAT no. (for example when not included on your bill or incorrect);
  • Name and surname/business name (in the event of spelling mistakes or when the VAT no. or tax code changes);
  • Place and date of birth (if incorrect or missing).

In the event of a change to the VAT number or tax code of a private or legal subject, a name change is required.

How can you change the data?

To change your data on-line, access MyAcea. You can repeat the operation every time you need to.

For customers of Gesesa

You can send your request in any of the following ways.

  • Access your reserved MyGesesa area, fill in and send the form.
  • Download the form, fill it in and send it as instructed on the form.
  • Go to your nearest branch or contact point, taking all the documentation you need with you.