Request a refund

What is the request procedure?

Choose your Acea Group water company, download the dedicated form, fill it in and send it as indicated.

Acea Ato 2
Acea Ato 5

If you are a customer of Acea Ato 2 (Rome and Province) you can download the form here (only italian version) or in the Form section.

If you are an Acea Ato 5 (Frosinone and Province) customer download the form here or in the Form section.

For Acea ATO 5 customers: refund in accordance with the judgement of the Constitutional Court 335/2008
Acea Ato 5 announces the start of the procedure for returning the portion of the undue tariff referred to the purification service for the period between 16 October 2003 and 15 October 2008 pursuant to the Resolution of 19 December 2014 of the Commissioner ad ACTA appointed with Judgment of the Lazio Regional Administrative Court of Latina dated 31 October 2012 n. 882.

Check if you have the right to a purification reimbursement based on the sentence of the Constitutional Court 335/2008.
Download the pdf file by clicking here and search for your user code, you will find your code only if you belong to the users to be reimbursed.

To find out how to find your code quickly, download the guide.
Click here

If you belong to these users, get a copy of the valid identity document and download the following forms:

  • Attachment 1: Application form for the return of the portion of the purification rate not due Click here
  • Attachment 2: Summary statement of invoiced consumption Click here

If you are a customer of Gesesa (Benevento and Province) download the form here (only italian version) or in the Form section.

Send an email to (form completed andsigned and all required documents as per list described above).


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