About Acea Innovation

About us

Acea Innovation is the Acea Group company bringing innovative solutions to market in support of the energy transition and the development of a sustainable growth model.

The company is organized around three business areas: e-mobility, energy efficiency and organic waste management. 

Electric transport
Installing electric vehicle charging stations, managing the infrastructure, technical services to access electric mobility services: all in a single solution.
Saving energy
We design, plan and execute projects for saving energy via the ecobonus grants for homes, residential buildings and companies.
Diffused composting
Transforming organic waste into high quality, strictly local compost: discover our smart compost-maker.

A new meeting point between innovation and market

With Acea Innovation, you can make an active contribution to the ecological transition. We offer innovative solutions to change your lifestyle, make your consumption more efficient, and your home even safer. 

We keep a close eye on the market: the only way to detect the emerging trends, opportunities and needs driving people's choices, even prospective ones.

Drawing from the wealth of skills and know-how available within the Acea Group, we develop forward-looking business models and projects. 
We are 'innovation enablers'. 

We support the sustainability objectives

Acea Innovation's operations are synergic with the achievement of some of the goals set out in the Acea Group's Industrial Plan 2020-2024, where over 2 billions' worth of investments are earmarked for sustainability targets
In line with the Group values, sustainable development is an integral part of our business strategy.

At Acea Innovation, looking to a green future means committing to the energy transition and the circular economy   with practical measures. We team up with our stakeholders to enhance and safeguard our land and community, supporting the development of a sustainable growth model. 

Contacting Acea Innovation

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