An integrated strategy

The last business plan was approved in October 2020 and refers to the period 2020-2024.

The context

We have a proven record of exceeding targets that we had set ourselves and growing with a combination of sustainability and value creation over time for all our stakeholders and for the Sistema Italia (Italian system).

The strategic pillars of the 2020-2024 business plan

The following elements are reflected in the acronym GRIDS:

  • Growth Growth driven by the regulated market, with significant impact on the RAB… 
  • Renewables …also underpinned by investments in utility-scale and consumer renewables 
  • Innovation …likewise by investments in new innovative services 
  • Delivery …over the years demonstrating an historic track record of above-target performances 
  • Sustainability …with increasing focus on environmental impact and the circular economy

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Innovation in Acea

Scientific and technological innovation, allowing us to improve industrial processes and customer services, constitutes one of our strategic pillars. Our innovation model envisages the development of domestic and international partnerships with innovation ecosystem players in the sectors of strategic interest, with a view to creating privileged access channels to ideas and new opportunities.

  • Infrastructures: technological innovation makes it possible to improve water and electricity infrastructures, potentially extending their useful lives (predictive modelling for faults), enabling greater efficiency and a better use of data, expanding the range of services offered through advanced communication systems (optical fibre, smart grid, smart meter). Also as regards the environmental area it opens up new opportunities, with innovative methods and plants for the disposal and valorisation of sludge and other waste.
  • People: innovation in the management of human capital means capitalising on the vast know-how of our staff and investing in workers’ skills and well-being. Thanks to the digitalisation of business processes, we continue to make available appropriate work tools and procedures for a widespread recourse to smart working.
  • Customers and users: innovation in the services offered to citizens makes it possible to develop a high quality service not only in physical terms (resilience and increased infrastructural efficiency), but also in terms of security, including cyber security.


Innovation and Industry 4.0

Infographic of the investments in innovation envisaged by the industrial plan of the Acea Group

Sustainability as a strategic lever

The Group’s strategy and sustainability are tangible evidence of two concepts that were once separate, but which now follow a common path and logic. The objectives of the two concepts are fully consistent and promote a vision of industrial development that takes account of sustainability issues and stakeholder expectations. Investments totalling over 2 billion Euro are associated with sustainability targets during the business plan time frame.


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