Acea and social innovation

What is social innovation?

To understand and define what social innovation is, it is necessary to prioritize the community and its needs. Social innovation refers to the products, services and projects that bring improvements to society. Acea Group is committed to social innovation by paying particular attention to the well-being of its people, the quality of services offered to citizens, and sustainability and circularity throughout its value chain. These goals have a positive impact on the lives of the people involved, thereby aiding in the achievement of the concept of social innovation.

Well-being of our people

The well-being of people is a key element of social innovation for a better quality of life in the company.

A work environment that is founded on communication, inclusivity, listening and meeting needs, integration and diversity appreciation, in accordance with an active Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy, enables employees to optimally manage their professional aptitude and proactively integrate the personal sphere with the work sphere. This synergy supports an environment in which well-being becomes not only a shared goal but also a driving force for business success.

Social projects to promote our people

Acea Group is actively involved in numerous innovative social initiatives and projects aimed at improving individual well-being and supporting the growth of people, responding flexibly to emerging needs.
The Company Welfare Plan focuses on six main pillars:

  • health;
  • work-life balance measures;
  • mental and physical well-being;
  • supplementary pension;
  • economic incentives;
  • family.

A further step was taken in May 2023 with the presentation of "Acea's Person and Participation Charter," a new model of industrial relations signed with labor organizations. With this agreement, the Group has reaffirmed its commitment to developing professional skills and improving the well-being of the entire corporate staff both individually and collectively. Acea also aims to generate increasing value for the local area through the commitment of its people.

Social innovation services for citizens

Social innovation also means providing citizens with quality services that contribute to a more sustainable future and improve their daily lives.
The contribution that each Group company can make towards the achievement of social innovation becomes crucial within Acea's diverse businesses.

Social innovation in the supply chain

Acea also encourages social innovation throughout the supply chain by building partnerships with suppliers who embrace the Group's principles. Therefore, Acea encourages collaborations with companies that adopt sustainability criteria, invests in supplier training and safety, and conducts targeted verifications.

Evaluations of efficiency and performance related to the supply chain are carried out by using Vendor Rating. It is a tool that evaluates the eligibility of suppliers by assigning scores based on four key criteria: baseline requirements (behavior before and during the contract performance), quality, timing, and safety.

In line with the increasing effort to monitor the supply chain, Acea has also adopted the Ecovadis model to assess sustainability performance assessment of its suppliers. Ecovadis is Europe's most important platform for certifying socio-environmental sustainability in the supply chain. By introducing the Ecovadis rating, it is possible to monitor the ethical, social and environmental footprint throughout the supply chain, rewarding the most virtuous companies in terms of sustainability.

In conclusion, Acea is committed to social innovation and aims to positively contribute to improving people's quality of life and the progress of the communities and territories in which the Group operates.


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