ROAD project:
Rome Advanced District

ROAD, what is the Rome Advanced District?

The ROAD project was born from an idea of ENI, in collaboration with Acea, Autostrade per l'Italia, Cisco, Ferrovie dello Stato, Bridgestone and NextChem. The common goal is to create a place that becomes a centre of knowledge and advanced research, an open entrepreneurial ecosystem oriented towards ecological transition to develop together solutions for a sustainable future.

The innovation district is located within the Gazometro Ostiense in Rome, and includes an area of approximately 13 hectares, where a progressive recovery of the industrial areas is underway, with the aim of transforming the area into a large laboratory dedicated to research and innovation in the field of new energies.

The main areas of action of the ROAD project range from technologies for decarbonisation to the circular economy (water and waste management), from energy efficiency to storage, from sustainable mobility to smart cities, through the promotion of health and safety.

A virtuous network for technological and sustainable innovation

The goal of the innovation district is to create an active collaboration between the Research, Development and Innovation departments for the progress of emerging technological solutions for the cities of the future, using the Gazometro Ostiense area in Rome for co-working experiments, innovation initiatives, laboratories and the development of new patents in synergy with startups, companies, universities and research centres.

The interest areas of the ROAD project

In addition to the development of projects for the ecological transition, with a view to circular economy, in the fields of energy efficiency, water saving, sustainable mobility and recycling, the innovation district of the ROAD project supports initiatives that promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship education. It also promotes a system of advanced technical training for the development of professionals who enable technological and sustainable innovation, the so-called green jobs, the new jobs of transition.


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