Supply tariffs

New tariff applicable from March 2020 (TICSI)

The new tariff structure was introduced in March 2020.
Customers are reminded that any changes to the number of family members can be reported accessing the MyAcea Acqua customer section.

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Water bonus discount

Acea Ato 2 customers in financial difficulty are entitled to the water bonus discount.

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Average Annual Consumption

You can check the table relating to the average annual consumption of end users recorded in the area managed by Acea Ato 2, divided according to the type of user, as required by ARERA 609/2021/R/idr Resolution.

Refer to the table (only Italian version)

Seismic events: resident domestic rate

With Resolution 34/2022/R/COM, ARERA extends the facilitation measures in favour of the populations affected by the seismic events in Central Italy and in the Municipalities of Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno and Forio (Ischia) in 2016 and 2017.

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