Here below you can consult the tariff applied temporarily, with effect from 01/01/2019, based on the terms defined by resolution no. 3/18 passed on 15 October 2018 by the Conference of Auditors of ATO2 for Central Lazio Rome.

Read the applicable tariff, valid subject to adjustment until March 2020.

These values will be subject to adjustment in the bill from the month of March 2020, based on the new tariff structure approved on 11 November 2019 by the Conference of Auditors of ATO2 Central Lazio, as established by ARERA resolution no. 665/2017/R/idr (TICSI).

The new tariff will be applicable from March 2020 in a bid to register the number of family components of each resident domestic customer in the ATO2, as defined by the Conference of Auditors of ATO 2 Central Lazio Rome with resolution no. 4/19 of 11 November 2019.

See the new tariff applicable from March 2020 

New tariff applicable from March 2020 (TICSI)

The new tariff structure will apply from March 2020. Starting on 2 January 2020, users can provide information on the number of members of their family.

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Water bonus discount

As of 2018, Acea Ato 2 customers suffering financial hardship can apply for the water bonus discount.

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