Read the bill

The water bill

The document issued by the water service provider that shows the service provided, how much you have consumed, and the applicable tariffs. It includes fixed and variable fees, the details of each item, and the total amount you owe. Water bills also always show the methods and terms of payment.

The information it contains

Before understanding how to read your water bill, you have to find out what information it contains. Here are the main and most important details on your bill.

Personal Details

Your personal details, your customer code and supply number. These details are essential when you communicate with the provider as they uniquely identify you.

Contract Details

The information on the type of contract, the ID number of the water meter, and the address the service is supplied to.

Consumption Data

All data pertaining to present and past consumption.

Contact Details

All the ways you can contact the provider. 


Understanding your water bill

If you understand your bill you will have a clear and up-to-date view of how much you have consumed and how much you owe.

Information changes depending on the type of supply and services provided: aqueduct, sewerage system, and water treatment.

The first page of the bill is an overview with all the main information such as supply number, supply details, consumption, amount owed.

All the details are listed in the following pages, showing all the data and items included in the water bill.

This allows you to check your consumption data and find out how they were collected: for example, if they refer to actual consumption (as read on the meter by the provider or submitted by you), estimated consumption (based on how much you consumed in the previous months), reconstructed consumption (following the replacement of a faulty meter).

If you do not pay your bill on time, you have to pay late-payment interests and the provider can start procedures to recover the amount you owe by sending a gentle reminder later followed by a formal notice, in accordance with the terms set by the applicable regulation (ARERA decision No. 311/19 - REMSI).

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