Meter maintenance

How to carry out maintenance

The Integrated Water Service Regulation (Art. 20 and 22) specifies that the user is responsible for the correct custody of their meter.

We recommend you take some simple precautions to ensure that it continues to operate correctly, particularly in the winter, so as to avoid possible breakages caused by ice.

  • If the meter is positioned in a niche with a door, check that it is properly closed.
  • If the meter is exposed to particularly harsh temperatures, we recommend bundling it in insulating materials. The best to this end are polystyrene and polyurethane foam, which effectively insulate the device from the outside environment, whilst leaving the figures display uncovered to allow it to be read. Take care not to use newspaper or cloth as these absorb water and humidity and may make the situation worse.
  • It is also important to protect the pipes outside, going into and coming out of the meter.


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