New tariffs for water payments

The Regulatory Authority for Energy, Network and the Environment (ARERA) issued the Amended Text on Water Service Payments (TICSI) with its Decision No. 665 of 28 September 2017.

Gesesa SpA, water tariffs in Benevento Gesesa SpA, water tariffs in Benevento Gesesa SpA, water tariffs in Benevento

With this document the National Authority revised the classification of the tariff categories applied to Integrated Water Service users and standardised the structure throughout Italy.

Gesesa has adopted the aforementioned text and approves the new structure for 2018 payments, which it will backdate to 01/01/2018. Consumption for 2018 already billed according to the preceding tariff structure will be adjusted before the final billing containing your actual consumption for 2018. Your bill will be adjusted by returning the previously billed amounts for water, sewage and sewage treatment and recharging the payment calculated for what you have used according to the new payment structure.

Change in the number of family unit members

We will be using the number of poeople in the family unit as the factor to calculate residential domestic use: the subsidised tariff bracket will be identified by multiplying the minimum viable quantity of water required to fulfil essential needs, set as 50 litres/inhabitant/day, equal to 18.26 m3/year for the number of family members.

During the introductory phase of this new tariff structure, national legislation expects each family unit to consist of three members, although the user will be able to declare a different number of members as follows:  

The change will become active from the date the application was sent.
Family units of 13 or more members will be subject to the same tariff structure envisaged for family units of 12 members.


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