Supply tariffs

Decision No. 17 of 13/08/2018 of Ato Calore Irpino approved the "Report accompanying the review of the tariff range according to Decision 665/2017/R/Idr” and the tariff convergence plan within the administrative scope of Gesesa S.p.A. It authorised the utility company to immediately apply the tariffs as of 1 January, subject to their publication, and according to the procedures established by law.

For further details on the Amended Text on Water Service Payments (TICSI), issued by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Network and the Environment (ARERA) with its Decision No. 665 of 28 September 2017, read the information on the specific page.

The tariffs, which Gesesa applies for the water supply service for the current year, are as follows. The tariffs are given for each municipality served.

Bonus water discount

As of 2018, Gesea S.p.A. customers suffering financial hardship can apply for the water bonus discount.

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