Supply tariffs

This page gives you the tariffs applied by Acea Molise for its integrated water service in Termoli.

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Allocation of condominium utility amounts

As provided for by ARERA resolution no. 609/2021/R/IDR, an easy-to-use calculation tool is available:

  • To condominium administrators to subdivide the bill for the integrated water service among the individual condominium owners.
  • to indirect users (condominium owners) to hypothesize the amount of your bill in case you want to contract your water supply directly with Acea Molise.
  • to single direct users to predict your future bill in advance.

The calculation will be performed according to the criteria governing the national billing methods (ARERA TICSI, no. 665/2017) based on the rates set by the Water Authority and referring to variable and fixed terms of the managed services, excluding additional charges.

Please note that, in consideration of the type of support and the need to make it easy to use, the values obtained with this “calculator”, although reliable, are to be considered as indicative only.

Check the calculation table

Average annual consumption

You can check the table relating to the average annual consumption of end users recorded in the area managed by Acea Ato 2, divided according to the type of user, as required by ARERA 609/2021/R/idr Resolution.

Refer to the table (only italian version)


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