Acea Innovation's projects for the energy transition

Electric transport, energy upgrading, diffused composting: our best cases.

Our innovation is inspired by our customers' needs, as they seek to take part in the green revolution, and takes the shape of tailor-made projects supported by an innovative ICT proprietary platform.  

Many businesses, cities and individual citizens have already began this process by adopting one of our solutions for a specific vertical: green mobility, innovative ICT solutions, measures to improve energy efficiency, home compost making.  

Many of our partners have elected to apply a cross-cutting approach, adopting Acea Innovation solutions to obtain a complete green revolution and support the development of new sustainable models.  We jointly designed with the Luiss Guido Carli university, for example, a state-of-the-art ICT platform for electric car and bike  sharing, and electric shuttle services:a first for Europe. All its users enjoy fully green transport services. Furthermore, the university's catering facilities use our Global Service SmartComp.  


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