Bonus water discount and Supplementary water bonus discount

Acea Ato 2 customers in economic hardship may have access to the following two forms of water bonus. The bonuses can be combined if the respective eligibility requirements are met.

Acea Ato 2 water bonus discount for the water supply in Rome and its province Acea Ato 2 water bonus discount for the water supply in Rome and its province Acea Ato 2 water bonus discount for the water supply in Rome and its province

Social water bonus

This is the expected and regulated bonus by ARERA (Energy Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority) through the resolution n°63/2021/R/com and subsequent amendments and integrations.

As of January 1, 2021, all social bonuses for economic hardship are automatically granted to eligible citizens/households. It will be sufficient for the citizen/household unit to submit the financial declaration DSU (Dichiarazione Sostitutiva Unica) to obtain the ISEE declaration useful for different subsidized social benefits.

How and when you receive the social water bonus

Arera reported that the process for the recognition of the social water bonus has required more investigation and fulfilment over time, particularly related to compliance with privacy regulations. Lastly, Resolution 13/2023/R/com updated the ISEE threshold values for access to the social water bonus for economic hardship and the facility classes, effective from January 1, 2023.

The list of users to be considered in economic hardship is divided into the following new facility classes:

a) DSU having households with ISEE ≤ 9,530;
b) DSU having households with 9,530< ISEE ≤ 20,000 with 4 (or more than) children;
c) DSU having households with ISEE > 9,530 drawers of Rdc/Pdc with less than  4 children;

More information can be found on the page:

Integrative water bonus

This is the bonus provided in Ato2 Central Lazio Rome for the supply of water to domestic users residing in conditions of social economic hardship according to Article 8 of Annex A of ARERA resolution n°897/2017/R/IDR. The bonus is regulated by the governmental body of Central Lazio Rome, which defines the rules for its admission.

Who can apply for integrative water Bonus?

Eligible for the supplementary water bonus are direct users (holders of a single water supply for resident domestic use) and indirect users (users in the home of residence of a water supply registered to a condominium or grouped use) who fall under conditions of economic hardship.

For direct users, the supplementary water bonus is granted provided that:

  • the address of the registered residence of the holder of the water supply contract corresponds to the supply address of the contract;
  • the name and social security number of the contract holder corresponds to a member of the ISEE household.

For indirect users, the supplementary water bonus is granted provided that the applicant's registered residence corresponds with the address of the condominium supply from which the applicant benefits.

Specifically, direct and indirect users who meet the following requirements are eligible for the supplementary water bonus:

  • ISEE indicator up to € 13,939.11 and household with up to 3 members
  • ISEE indicator up to € 15,989.46 and household with up to 4 members
  • ISEE indicator up to € 18,120.63 and household with up to 5 or more members

In addition, municipal authorities, under their own responsibility and on the basis of appropriate certification by the relevant offices, have the power to authorize the disbursement of the supplementary water bonus for individual users in situations of proven particular economic and/or social hardship, expanding for the specific case the ISEE threshold for admission. This faculty, for the 2020-2023 regulatory period, is certainly extended to socio-economic problems generated by the Covid emergency.

How can I apply?

You can apply for the supplementary water bonus by filling out the paper form "Supplementary water bonus application form 2023" which can be downloaded from the dedicated page of the Technical Operations Secretariat portal. A photocopy of the applicant's ID must be attached to the form.

For users with the ISEE value certified by INPS not exceeding 9,530 euros, mere submission of the application is sufficient.

  • Users in possession of the ISEE value exceeding 9,530 euros must submit the above application, also attaching the following documentation: ISEE certificate issued in the year 2023;
  • first page of a bill issued by the Water Service Operator in the year 2023 from which the utility code can be inferred. In the case of indirect users (condominium users), the first page of the bill in the name of the Condominium should be attached.

The above paper form and any attachments should be sent by regular mail addressed to: STO ATO 2 Lazio Centrale Roma Via Cesare Pascarella, 31 00153 Roma.

What is the deadline for submitting the application?

The application for the 2023 integrative water bonus must be submitted no later than December 31, 2023.

For the renewal of benefits, the person concerned must submit a new application each year by the specified deadline.

For further information, please refer to privacy policy.


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