Bonus water discount and Supplementary water bonus discount

Bonus water discount

This is a bonus provided and governed by ARERA (Authority for the Regulation of Energy, Networks and Environment) through deliberation 227/2018/R/idr.

Who is entitled to the bonus?

Direct and indirect users of the aqueduct, sewage system and water treatment services who meet one of the following requirements: 

  • are members of families whose ISEE indicator is €8,256 or lower
  • are members of families with at least 4 dependent children (large families) whose ISEE indicator does not exceed €20,000, or
  • are members of families with Basic Income or Basic Pension.

One of the ISEE family members must have an active electricity and/or gas and/or water domestic supply contract in their name or use a condominium gas and/or water supply.
Each family is entitled to only one bonus per type – electricity, gas, water – per year.

How do I apply for the bonus?

From 1 January 2021, individuals/families in financial difficulty, and therefore entitled to social bonuses, will automatically receive the bonuses without having to apply for them. Anyone entitled will no longer be required to apply at their Municipal authority or tax assistance center (CAF). 

Starting in 2021, the only thing individuals/families will have to do every year is submit their Single Self-Declaration (DSU) to obtain the ISEE certificate required to have access to welfare benefits.

All details can be found on the water bonus page of the ARERA website.

Supplementary water bonus discount

This water bonus is offered by Ato 2 in the Central Lazio Rome area to residential domestic users in financial difficulty, pursuant to art. 8 of ARERA Deliberation 897/2017/R/IDR. The bonus is regulated by the Governing Body of the Central Lazio Rome area, who also sets the entitlement rules.

Who is entitled to the bonus?

The bonus is intended for direct customers (with a residential domestic utility contract in their own name) and indirect customers (using a water supply registered to a Condominium) who find themselves in financial difficulty.
Specifically, customers entitled to the water bonus include direct and indirect users who meet the following requirements:

  • ISEE indicator up to €13,939.11 and family of up to 3 members
  • ISEE indicator up to € 15,989.46 and family of 4 members
  • ISEE indicator up to € 18,120.63 and family of 5 or more members

Additionally, Municipal Administrations have the power, when presented with special certificates issued by the competent offices, to offer the Supplementary Water Bonus to individual customers who find themselves in a situation of proven economic and/or social difficulty, by extending the ISEE entitlement criteria on an ad hoc basis. During the 2020-2023 regulatory period, this power extends to the social and economic difficulties caused by the Covid emergency (as specified in deliberation No. 6 of 27 November 2020).

Exceptionally and until 31/12/2021, direct and indirect users who at the time of the request are entitled to the supplementary water bonus and have an ISEE within the limits set by ARERA, in addition to the normal bonus amount, are entitled to an additional one-time amount up to three time the normal bonus amount, and only to cover previous outstanding bills.

How do I apply for the bonus?

To apply for the supplementary water bonus and to read the regulation in full, please visit the website of ATO2 Technical and Operational Secretariat (only italian version).