Bonus water discount and Supplementary water bonus discount

Bonus water discount

This bonus is established and regulated by ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment) by Decision 227/2018/R/idr.

Who is entitled?

Direct or indirect users of the aqueduct service suffering from financial hardship have the right to this bonus, i.e. who are members of the family nucleus:

  • with ISEE (equivalent financial situation index) which does not exceed EUR 8,265;
  • with ISEE (equivalent financial situation index) which does not exceed EUR 20.000 with at least 4 dependent children.

Where do I send my application?

Send your application for the water bonus with self-certification to your home Municipality or to another body appointed by the Municipality (CAF).

What documents do I need to apply?

To apply, send the following documents with your completed application form together with your personal data and water supply identification numbers:

  • identity document
  • any authorisation of signature
  • currently valid ISEE certificate
  • certificate containing the personal data of all the members of the ISEE family nucleus (name-surname and tax code)
  • certification for recognition as a large family (at least 4 dependent children), if your ISEE exceeds EUR 8,265 (but is less than EUR 20,000)

To download the documentation you need to apply and for any further information, go to
the water bonus discount page on Authority's website.

Supplementary water bonus discount

This is the water supply bonus discount for ATO2 Central Lazio Rome customers in conditions of social and financial hardship according to Article 8, AEEGSI Decision 897/2017/R/IDR.
The bonus is regulated by the Government Body belonging to the Operational and Technical Secretariat for Central Lazio Rome, which establishes the rules for eligibility.

The regulations and the form to apply for the 2020 supplementary water bonus will be available soon.