Green mobility in Terni

Acea Innovation is the technology partner for TER: Terni Electric Recharge

Acea Innovation is a joint partner with Umbria Energy and ASM of the TER project, a sustainable mobility initiative launched in January 2021 by the city of Terni. 94 electric car charging stations were installed, hitting the target set in the Decreto Semplificazioni. 

This is a key step towards green mobility with electric transport and the energy transition for the city of Terni, but also the first step towards the wider development plans for the surrounding region.  

The interoperable car charging points installed in Terni by Acea Innovation are a state-of-the-art infrastructure powered only by renewable energy, with a choice of “Quick” (i.e. standard charging times for electric cars ) or “Fast” (i.e. rapid charging times for electric cars) technology, addressing the growing demand for electric transport.  

TER is a virtuous example of the change of pace, with sustainable and innovative investments, required to respond to the great energy transition challenge. 

Green Mobility in Terni: the figures

charging stations
car charging points
city areas equipped with car charging stations

Updated at January 2021

This is just the start of a long term strategy to engage businesses and individuals through a range of inclusive services supporting energy upgrading, electric transport and the circular economy.  

Through its partnership with Nissan, citizens and visitors in Terni can get a taste of electric mobility through the Umbria Energy Eco App, booking a free 48-hour test drive of the all electric Nissan Leaf.  

Sustainable Mobility in Terni

  • A joint initiative of Umbria Energy, ASM and Acea Innovation
  • All services can be accessed via App, with 24/7 customer care
  • Car charging points located in all strategic areas of the city 

Umbria Energy and Nissan Italia Partnership

  • 48-Hour free test drive of the fully electric Nissan LEAF fleet
  • Umbria Energy Eco Mobility App available on the App Store and Play Store
  • Test drive and car booking via the App
  • Over 200 km electric transport autonomy with a single charge
  • Complimentary first charge 


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