Change of residence

What you need to have to hand

  • Your identity document and tax code
  • Your updated meter reading
  • Active email address and telephone contact

In the case of a resident to non-resident tariff change, any existing contracts with a resident tariff in the name of the holder will be automatically updated with a non-residents tariff.

How to apply to change your tariff from resident to non-resident

  • Sign in to MyAcea Acqua and go to Utenze (Utilities). For Categoria tariffa (Tariff Category), click on Cambia la tua tariffa (Change Your Tariff) and insert your data. Please note that the button to change your tariff is only available for contracts with resident or non-resident domestic tariff.                           
  • Contact us on the toll-free number of your company.
  • Apply directly at one of our commercial help desks



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