Installing electric charging stations

Smart car charging stations

Acea Innovation installs charging stations for electric cars.

Our charging points are differentiated in two charging power types: 22kW and 50kW. 

Acea Innovation’s electric vehicle charging stations enable independent management of all electric vehicle charging, while the BOMTS platform enables real time monitoring of the electric car charging points and any electric vehicle fleet.

Furthermore, they can offer a wide range of electric transport services, such as real time information on urban transport and on the status of car charging points for public electric vehicles. Public services such as tourist information, sales promotions, local events and bookings, can be added as well. 

Manage your car charging points with the BOMTS platform

Our proprietary technology enables you to manage and monitor your electric car charging stations: discover how it works.

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Our formula for green mobility

We are there for every stage of project development, ensuring we design electric transport solutions that are fully customized to your needs.

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