We feel we belong to the community and the environment and to those who live and work here. Our commitment to develop our company must match our desire for the development and wellbeing of the community.
Here are the main projects and activities promoted by Gesesa.

Summer 2020 Water-Saving Campaign

26 June 2020

Gesesa and the Summer 2020 Water-Saving Campaign
Water is a precious resource. Little things we do every day can help to reduce water waste considerably. Once again this year Gesesa has launched its water-saving campaign and published a guide with 10 tips on how to use water responsibly.

  1. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth or shampoo your hair
  2. Check for leaks
  3. Adjust the flush of your toilet cisterns
  4. Use washing machine and dishwasher only when fully loaded
  5. Install tap aerators
  6. Use a bowl to wash dishes and vegetables
  7. Take a shower instead of a bath
  8. Check your meter when all taps are closed
  9. Don’t wash your car too often and use a bucket
  10. Water your garden sensibly

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Ideazione 2020

20 February 2020

Gesesa - Telese Terme: the third edition of the Ideazione 2020 project presented at Istituto Telesi
The third edition of the project “IDEAZIONE 2020 - Giovani Correnti Innov@tive per creare Valore” (Concept-young innov@tive people to create value), promoted by the Acea Group in collaboration with CONSEL- Consorzio Elis, was presented at Istituto Telesi@, in Viale Minieri 9, Telese Terme. Once again, this year, Gesesa has joined the project.

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LiberAMI dalla plastica

29 January 2020

Gesesa supports the Ambiente Mare Italia awareness campaign for a plastic-free sea.

Plastic and microplastic pollution represents the greatest threat to our seas and oceans. Plastic
objects take a very long time to decompose, between 100 and 1,000 years. In June 2018, the Ministry of the Environment launched the Plastic Free Challenge, an initiative to raise awareness on the importance of reducing plastic pollution. A few days ago, Gesesa signed a protocol of intent with AMI, the Italian Sea Environment Association, to join the campaign “Liberami dalla Plastica (Free me from Plastic)”.

Read more in the press release (only italian version)

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