Our community is our home. Gesesa has a strong bond with the Sannio region. We feel we belong to the community and the environment and to those who live and work here. Our commitment to develop our company must match our desire for the development and wellbeing of the community.
Here are the main projects and activities promoted by Gesesa.

Gesesa for Schools: Project H2School

22 March 2019

Gesesa celebrates World Water Day 2019 together with the schools

Today, on the occasion of World Water Day, Gesesa met with the students at the De La Salle school in Benevento to involve them in the “The Importance of Water in Life” project organized in collaboration with UNICEF.
The event is part of the “H2SCHOOL” series of meetings at Benevento schools which began on March 20th. Gesesa’s goal is to make students aware of the issue of the sustainable management of water resources through a day dedicated to water, with an educational theatre performance titled “H2WoW, the Importance of Water for Life,” created by the Red Roger theater company and directed by Pier Paolo Palma.

“It is important that we convey to the new generations the civic sense of respect for water resources and environmental protection,” said Alessandra Itro, a member of Gesesa’s board of directors.“We are happy that schools are opening their doors to these projects, which are important for the younger generations,” declared the new president of UNICEF in Benevento, Gianpiero De Cicco, “because it allows the children of our society to know that, unfortunately, there are still children like them in the world who have little water available and, when they do, it is not clean.”
Gesesa’s series of meetings with the schools:
March 20 - P. Giannone school
March 22 - De La Salle school
March 27 – the school in Ponte, with associated branches in Torrecuso and Paupisi
March 29 - the school in Bartolomeo in Galdo
April 3 – Vanvitelli school in Airola


Gesesa participates in M’iIlumino Di Meno

Gesesa participates in M’iIlumino Di Meno (“I’ll Light Up Less”) 
On March 1, institutions, companies and individuals who want to give real proof of their interest in sustainability issues and respect for the environment will turn off lights as a symbolic and tangible gesture in support of the action.

Gesesa and the city of Benevento also participate in M’Illumino di Meno 2019, an international action promoted by the “Caterpillar” radio program on Italy’s Radio 2, created to sensitize people to saving energy. For this year’s edition, Gesesa will turn off the lights on Trajan’s Arch, the city’s symbolic monument, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

“Gesesa’s goal is sustainability, which is why it has set in motion a series of internal communication campaigns to raise awareness on environmental issues among employees. Every day, from the moment we get up, we carry out hundreds of actions, and every one of them has a direct or indirect impact on the environment,” stated Managing Director Vittorio Cuciniello.

Gesesa illuminates the municipal fountain in Foglianise

Gesesa illuminates the municipal fountain in Foglianise

New lighting for the municipal fountain in Foglianise, which stands near the Church of Sant’Anna. Built in 1883 in conjunction with the first section of the municipal water main, the fountain was used by the townspeople for washing laundry, watering animals, and supplying water for home use.

The new lighting for the Foglianise municipal fountain of is part of a larger picture of the enhancement and promotion of important historical monuments. Gesesa has in fact illuminated Trajan’s Arch, the Santa Sofia monumental complex, the Roman Theater, the Fountain of the Chains in Piazza Orsini and the old wash house of the municipality of Cautano.

“With these actions, Gesesa gives evidence of its great presence in the area in which it operates,” said Piero Ferrari, managing director of the Samnite company.
“Illuminating this place means bringing honor to the history of Foglianise and its citizens,” concluded Mayor Tommaselli.

H2Gol - Sport unites us

Sport as leverage to bond and raise awareness on solidarity. This is the idea behind H2Gol - Sport unites us, which Gesesa has been organising since 2017. What's it about? A football match, in which a team of Gesesa employees faces a different "special" team each time, such as the team of inmates from the Benevento prison or the team of Sprar Caritas migrants.
A challenge becomes a moment to meet and share.


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