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“All us, children and adults, in this day of celebration, SWEAR to love and respect trees and COMMIT ourselves to protect the life of Plants, Forests and Flowers, to clean the environment for living in a healthier, cleaner, truer World.”

This is the oath of Loyalty and Love for Trees, now becoming the hearth of every ceremony of this important project, played by the pupils of the Comprehensive School I.C. F. De Sanctis in Airola – complex of Forchia (Campania – Italy).
The event witnessed the participation of Rosaria Perrotta, School Principal of I.C. F. De Sanctis, Pino Papa, mayor of the city of Forchia, Margherita Giordano, vice mayor; Nicola Riola, municipal councillor, Teodolinda Mango, Major of Forestry Carabinieri, Vincenzo Follo, Major of the Carabinieri Command Station in Airola, and Father Giacomo Buffolino, along with other Gesesa’s functionaries and the personnel of the Food, Agricultural and Forest Department of Regione Campania - Sector for Forests in Benevento.ù

“I am sure that everything must start from children, because you are the future,” states Rosaria Perrotta, School Principal. “When you, children, play this oath, you must make it your own and promote in your families the importance of protecting the environment we live in.”
“I am grateful to Gesesa, to the Food, Agriculture and Forest Department of Regione Campania - Sector for Forests in Benevento, and to these wonderful children for this important initiative” continues Pino Papa, mayor of the city of Forchia, “This greening of via Muscini, the street at the entrance of the city, communicates to everyone coming to Forchia the adequate importance that our city gives to the surrounding environment we live in.”

The CEO of Gesesa, Salvatore Rubbo, after introducing Mr. Eugenio Maffei, responsible for regional nursery “La Francesca” has highlighted how “children and environment” are the winning team to send a message of sustainability to contrast climate change, to protect the environment and to achieve the Goals of the 2030 Agenda.
The celebration ended with a blessing to “Nature and all Human Beings” performed by Father Giacomo Buffolino.


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