Acea and training: a model for education

Acea has a deep connection with the world of education. Over the years, collaborations and projects have helped introduce young people to the world of work, with the wider aim of creating a constructive connection with schools within its territory.

During the last year, over 500 students have taken part in training activities.

Acea’s educational model includes events to raise awareness about sustainability and saving water among teachers and pupils, but also more articulated programs designed to encourage older students to take specific professional paths. These initiatives have created a direct connection with the community, citizens, and families. As in the case of Martina and her older brother Paolo.

Learning about the environment and sustainability with Acea

It is October 16. Martina has prepared a notepad, pens, and a PC, ready for an unusual lesson.
It is the first day of the three-day Acea Scuola program dedicated to water. Each day is dedicated to a specific topic: Water’s Journey, Environment and Quality of Water, and Sustainability and Saving Water.
As last year, the venue is the Auditorium della Conciliazione, but with one fundamental difference: this year the event is streamed live online and the venue has been recreated in 3D on a dedicated digital platform.
Students take a virtual three-dimensional trip to visit the places from where water comes from and follow its entire journey. “It was really like following the journey that water does from the spring to the taps at home.”

A virtual tour in the world of water that combines the culture of sustainability and saving water with the more practical and technical aspects of its management. Once again, the topic is about educating to conserve water, to reiterate Acea’s constant commitment to protecting water and raising awareness among young generations of a challenge that will be decisive for our future.

Work-related learning at Acea

This year, the company created the project “The School I Would Like”, to continue supporting the professional path of high school students during the Covid-19 emergency. Like Paolo, Martina’s brother.

“We were asked to imagine the school of the future. Or rather, how we would like it to work and how we envisage lessons, lab hours, homework, and tests. Many things have changed this year: in our proposal we focused especially on the opportunities worth seizing”.

Paolo and his class took part in “The School I Would Like”: a total of 100 students from 7 different schools. The initiative, in digital mode, was dedicated to students already involved in work-related learning programs “IdeAzione”, created in collaboration with Consorzio Elis, and includes learning activities with innovative methods, to valorize and attract young talents. Students from Technical and Vocational Schools present their projects guided by teachers and Acea's “trade masters”. The best ideas are selected to take part in the Elis Summer Camp, for the opportunity to create working prototypes of the projects.
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Training continues, also inside Acea

From the moment they join Acea, employees start a career journey aimed at developing their human and professional potential. Training opportunities are numerous and are available in presence and remotely. The objective is to transmit knowledge to colleagues and acquire new knowledge, participating in the creation of shared value.
Acea’s training is centered around people: those who already work in the company and form part of its internal human capital, and the new generations. The latter represent great potential value for the future of the Group and the community. The training model starts by engaging with the young generations, like Martina and Paolo, who will become the teachers of tomorrow.


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