Liquid waste treatment

What is liquid waste?

Liquid waste consists of sewage that is not or cannot be discharged into the sewer system, and for which provision must be made for delivery by tanker truck to approved treatment facilities.
Liquid waste is divided into municipal and special, and into non-hazardous and hazardous.
Acea handles the management of all types of liquid waste, ensuring ecological-industrial services for domestic and production users.

Each liquid waste, appropriately classified, is analysed and processed in dedicated plants, where chemical-physical and biological action treatment lines are used, with the aim of recovering matter and energy from waste, while protecting the water resource.

The treatment of liquid waste

Acea is the leading water operator in Italy.
The group carries out specific activities at all stages of the supply chain and is committed to the sustainable management of water resources: from sources to distribution, from leak detection to quality monitoring, and from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment to liquid waste treatment.
The environmental offering provided by Acea is not limited to the management of municipal liquid waste, but also extends to industrial waste and sewage sludge, with particular reference to those produced in the plants of Group companies engaged in the management of the Integrated Water Service.

What purification sludge is and how it is treated

First of all, it should be recalled that purification sludge, produced in wastewater treatment plants, is the waste resulting from a specific, albeit singular, production process, consisting precisely in the purification of municipal wastewater: their proper management is a necessary condition to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of the public sewage service, and their valorisation mainly consists in the adoption of treatment processes capable of recovering matter and energy from the waste.

Sewage sludge treatment

Following the principles of circular economy, we have used plant solutions to treat sewage sludge in order to maximize material and energy recovery while minimizing landfill disposal.


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