Gas distribution

We consider natural gas distribution to be a major strategic sector, in which we plan to cover an increasingly significant role, with a view to being constantly present alongside citizens with a diversified range of services.
Our entry into this sector commenced with the acquisition, finalised in March 2019, of a 51% equity stake in Pescara Distribuzione Gas, the company that manages the entire gas supply network in the municipality of Pescara.
This decision not only reflects our intention to take advantage of the business challenges, but also confirms the Group’s ongoing commitment to being constantly at the service of citizens. For this reason, after numerous discussions with selected operators from our reference territory, we proceeded to consolidate our presence in the gas market in Abruzzo by signing an agreement which, via the acquisition of a 51% equity stake, gives us a controlling interest in the company Alto Sangro Distribuzione Gas, active in the distribution of methane gas in twenty-four municipalities within the Province of Aquila.
In the last quarter of 2021 Adistribuzionegas was established from the merger of Pescara Distribuzione Gas with Alto Sangro Distribuzione Gas.