Municipalities in our area

Termoli (Molise)

Integrated Water Service - General information 

Residents approx. 32,351 inhabitants
Customers served approx. 37,207 inhabitants
Surface area covered by the service 56 Km2
Scope of water network 271 Km
Tanks n. 1 - Total volume 500 cubic metres

Procurement sources 

Molise Acque 3,758,633 cubic metres/year (2021 data)
CO.S.I.B. cubic metres/year 0 cubic metres/year
Water lifts n. 2
Scope of sewers network 125 km Potential approx. 54,500 eq. inhabitants
Treatment plants n.3 - Customers served approx. 35,742
Sewers lifts n. 16
Number of service operators n. 16

Water Quality

The water that reaches your home undergoes several analyses and controls.

Here you can see the updated data to know the organoleptic, chemical and physical characteristics of the water in your area, according to the standards set by Legislative Decree 31/2001, in line with the provisions of the Resolution of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA).


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