Saving energy for the Public Sector

Smart energy for public buildings

The public sector is one of the biggest consumers of energy. Managing it in a smart and efficient way is the first step towards environmental and community sustainability.  

That's why Acea Innovation offers energy upgrading services to public bodies, thus saving energy and reducing public expenditure on energy consumption. This saving translates into more resources available for other objectives. Furthermore, by embracing the energy transition and clean energy, the Public Sector sets a good example for the community.  

Why the Public Sector should improve energy efficiency

Reducing consumption

With measures to improve efficiency and save energy on the Public Sector plants and building stock, public expenditure can be reduced by as much as 40%.  

Energy management

Energy recovery means managing energy efficiently, which generates many benefits like environmental protection, environmental sustainability, improved quality of life for employees and greater property value. 

Reducing air pollution

When we use energy generated from renewable sources, we reduce fuel consumption: as a result, CO2 emissions decrease with greater health benefits for people and the environment.  

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