How to request information

Go to the Acea Water contact us section and choose your preferred channel to contact your water company.

How to make a complaint

You can send a written request by entering MyAcea and filling in the Complaint page.  

Commercial complaint
Technical complaint

Credit management: failure to trace payments - failure to break down payment into instalments - failure/late notice and/or disconnection due to late payment - failure to obtain reimbursement.

Billing (without billing adjustments): failing to read - failure to remove penalties (concealed losses) - failure/late delivery of bills - tariffs/charges/deposits.

Services: failure to answer complaints and/or requests for bill correction - late to agreed meetings - failure to and/or late provision of services (connections, estimates, etc.) - disservices of the contract channels (call centre; branches) - staff conduct.

Quality of service: interruption to water - water quality - disservice on drains and treatment plants.

Excessive/little pressure in supply - works not carried out in a workmanlike fashion.


How to send a complaint to Acea Ato 2

To send a complaint about your water supply to Acea Acqua, Rome Ato 2, complete the appropriate form. The contact details can be found on the form itself.
(only italian version)


Alternatively, complete the online form you can find in the Complaint section in MyAcea. When you have sent your form, you will be given a file identification number..