Resolution no. 4/19, of 11 November 2019, approved the new tariff structure, as established by ARERA resolution no. 665/2017/R/idr (TICSI). New tariffs came into effect in March 2020, applicable from 1 January 2019.

Cos'è il TICSI per l’acqua di Roma e provincia di Acea Ato 2 Cos'è il TICSI per l’acqua di Roma e provincia di Acea Ato 2 Cos'è il TICSI per l’acqua di Roma e provincia di Acea Ato 2

Why the new tariffs?

The new national water tariff system was set out by the Regulatory Authority (ARERA) and approved by Ato 2 Lazio Centrale Roma Auditor Assembly the past November. The aim was to start an important simplification and unification process of the water tariff system on a national level, introducing new criteria able to distribute actual consumption costs more equally (for example, protecting large families), limit waste and protect the environment and water supplies.
Acea Ato 2, as other water providers, applies the new tariffs approved in compliance with the current regulations.

What has changed?

The main changes apply to resident domestic customers whose  tariffs is calculated taking into account the number of family members. Tariffs (fixed and variable) is calculated based on the number of family members self-declared by the customer. This allows to determine tariffs based on the real needs of each family.

Can customers request to pay in installments?

The amounts due in consideration of the new tariffs can be charged via a credit or debit system and are normally contained.
In the case of debit payments, customers can always postpone the deadline or request to pay in interest-free installments by calling the toll-free number 800 130 331.
Payment in installments is automatically applied to significantly large amounts.

Resident domestic customers: how to self-declare the number of family members?

In compliance with the national legislation, during the introduction stages of the new tariff, each family is temporarily considered to be formed of three members (national average). Updating data is easy, all you have to do is register in the MyAcea Acqua  section and associate your supply account with the web profile in the Tools, Supply Management section. To provide the number of your family members, simply click on Contracts, Change Contract Details, and follow the guided

To do so, customers simply need to register in the customer dedicated section MyAcea Acqua, associate their domestic water supply account to their profile and update the Contracts section, Resident Census, following the simple guided procedure. For information about MyAcea Acqua and assistance to register, customers may use our support chat, available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00.

If no self-declaration is submitted, Acea Ato 2 – in accordance with the applicable national legislation– will calculate tariffs based on the average family size (three people).

Resident domestic customers: what will be the impact on the average water bill?

The new tariff structure complies with the national limits set by the TICSI. The new tariffs will allow large families and single-member families to reduce and adjust bills to reflect the real needs of each family. Customers will have to make sure they maintain their consumption levels within the “right” limits, i.e. an average consumption of approximately 60 cubic meters/year per person (the ATO2 average and a daily consumption of approx. 164 liters per day per person).

Click here to visit the page about the supply tariffs.

Condominiums and companies

For condominium users, the domestic condominium tariff is applied, with consumption brackets modulated according to the number of apartments (until 31 August 2023) and the number of family members (from 1 September 2023), as reported in the published tables. All non-domestic users are classified into six categories of use: Industrial, Artisanal and Commercial, Agricultural and Livestock, Non-disconnectable public, Disconnectable public, Municipal utilities.

The "Artisanal and Commercial" and "Industrial" use categories have differentiated tariffs depending on the water requiremen Click here for the complete table.

Additionally, at the customer’s request via our contact channels, a safety clause will apply to non- domestic users, to identify a new and more suitable tariff category.


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