What has changed?

The main changes apply to resident domestic customers whose  tariffs will be calculated taking into account the number of family members. Tariffs (fixed and variable) will be calculated based on the number of family members self-declared by the customer. This will allow to determine tariffs based on the real needs of each family.

Resident domestic customers: how to self-declare the number of family members?

In compliance with the national legislation, during the introduction stages of the new tariff, each family is temporarily considered to be formed of three members (national average). Should the family be formed by a different number of members, customers may, at any time, update this information by self-declaring the correct number of family members to be used to calculate the tariff.

If this information is provided by Friday 28 February 2020, the new water tariff structure will apply with effect from 1 January 2019, based on the number of self-declared family members. After this date, customers will be able to notify the number of family members at any time, but changes will come into effect from the date of the notification. Before then, tariffs will be calculated based on the “standard” 3-member family.

To do so, customers simply need to register in the customer dedicated section MyAcea, associate their domestic water supply account to their profile and update the Contracts section, Resident Census, following the simple guided procedure.For information about MyAcea and assistance to register, customers may use our support chat, available from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00.

Resident domestic customers: what will be the impact on the average water bill?

The new tariff structure complies with the national limits set by the TICSI. The new tariffs will allow large families and single-member families to reduce and adjust bills to reflect the real needs of each family. Customers will have to make sure they maintain their consumption levels within the “right” limits, i.e. an average consumption of approximately 60 cubic meters/year per person (the ATO2 average and a daily consumption of approx. 164 liters per day per person).

Click here to find out the new tariff details and download the tables with all the parameters.

What changes for condominiums and companies?

The resident domestic tariff will continue to apply to condominiums, with tariff levels based on the number of apartments, as shown in the tables provided. Therefore, no action is required from condominium administrators.All non-domestic users part of preexisting categories have been included in six new categories: Industrial, Artisanal and Commercial, Agricultural and Zootechnical, Public Entities whose supply cannot be interrupted, Public Entities whose supply can be interrupted, Other uses. Upon request, a safety clause will apply to non-domestic users, to identify a new and more suitable tariff category.