Acea Ato 5 for the community

Acea Ato 5 manages the entire integrated water service in 86 Municipalities in the province of Frosinone.

Projects for the community

We have carried out actions to offer increasingly more efficient services, promoted activities that have positive effects on the community, and started initiatives to protect the territory with the aim of containing the impact on the environment.

Water treatment

Acea Ato 5 is committed to improving the technical quality of its services, including by increasing its water treatment capacity. In 2021, work was completed on three treatment plants, while work is nearing completion on a further two plants.

Districtualization and leak identification

We are progressively districtualizing the entire water distribution system we manage. The project includes dividing the water network into homogeneous distribution districts that measure water intake and output volumes while keeping under control the water pressure. This approach allows to constantly increase the operational efficiency of the water network by continuously monitoring the management system defining data with the ability to intervene more quickly in the event of any anomalies. In 2021, 97 new districts were built, covering 588 km of network. Furthermore, active pressure control continued through the installation of meters, reducers and regulating valves at strategic points. As a result of the interventions, leaks in 2021 fell by approximately 67% (they were 68% in 2020) and lost volumes were 17% lower than in 2019.

Information campaigns

In 2021, information campaigns were created to promote digital channels such as the MyAcea Acqua section and the Online Billing service (link alla pagina), also with the aim of reducing travel and any impact caused by paper bills on the environment.

In 2021, the Company was particularly committed to promoting new technologies and the innovation of its relationship with users. In order to enhance the offer to our customers through a complete digitalisation of the service, we adopted increasingly effective communication systems and solutions - such as the digital help desk - to improve customer management via digital channels.

Educational projects

To make young people aware of sustainability, Acea Ato 5 took part in the "GenerAzione Digitale" project again in 2021. Two local high schools were involved with the purpose of promoting the Group's commitment to projects aimed at raising awareness of sustainability among the younger generations, fostering a virtuous exchange between schools and our Company, between the students' creativity and experience in the workplace. The 2021 format, focused on "Protecting natural ecosystems in sustainable and innovative ways", was conceived as a marathon of creativity - the "Digital Creathon" - during which students were supported by the facilitators of the ELIS team and Acea's "Sustainability Ambassadors" to develop digital, innovative ideas and creative solutions.

The quality of your water

The tests and checks carried out by Acea Ato 5 ensure the quality of your water. In 2021, approximately 105,430 tests were carried out on water samples.

With the aim of spreading knowledge about the quality of the supplied water resource, in 2021 Acea Ato 5 continued the project started in 2020 concerning the development of the "Water Identity Card". The document indicates the values of the main analytes characterising the water in each area of the centres served, allowing each user to access relevant data and information by simply indicating their address.

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